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Monday, 09 August 2010


Heart smiles...

A note from someone close....

" I hope you have a sunny day today! : ) "

And a picture attached...

Photo from the Lithuanian online newspaper, Irytas.lt

I pass the wish on...

Ok, our skies look much like this right now (with added pollution) and it's about to rain, but I can dream...


  1. I really like that!! :D
    Sunny wishes to you too!!
    P.S.: Jaldi Jaldi!! :)

  2. Beautiful!! :D Sunflowers now just always remind me of you two. Next year when we plant/grow some, I'll be thinking of you all the time!

  3. I'm sure they'll flourish, Kippy : )


  4. and they taste delicious.

  5. nice wish :) thanks for sharing some of the good-will

  6. Bert, shelled or unshelled?

    Astra, it's my pleasure and I do hope you have sunshine. Have you all recovered from the storm? I don't know how badly it affected the city.

  7. Sunflowers have a personality all their own :) We have sun today, but high humidity to accompany it. It needs to be a lake day. Sunny smiles to all!

  8. well, that storm mostly affected some central parts of the country. I do believe some trees were broken, as well as some roofs, electricity supply is down in some places around Kaunas. I think authorities have anounced some 4 deaths due to the storm, but I still think that it was a rather lucky escape. Actually, I do believe that LT is in a rather fortunate position in this world and mostly all cataclysms are mostly just scarry, than really deadly around here.

  9. Beautiful photograph! The sunflowers are blooming here, Tint! Have a wonderous day and sunny week!


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