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Sunday, 01 August 2010

Random thoughts

I think I'm going to start a Random thought blog, a little bit like Kippy's Whim blogs, except that mine will probably make less sense. But then again, my mind's been so random, by the time I open the blog page, it will have moved onto something else. C'est la vie... at least, my 'vie'.

Found via Google (click image to go to the blog page):

Matt: "at the top of the tribune tower yelling down at people"
Kara: "on top of the world, looking down"
Matt: "because we live on a globe, wherever you are, you are on top of the world."
I like that!

Yes, I have been missing. Life has been a little... challenging. No wait. The activities in my head have been a little challenging.

I love the new Google image search! Well, it's new for me. Apparently Tat doesn't have it.

I really badly want to sew... and do something crafty. Sewing takes time (and space) and I have little of either, so crafty is next. I tried 'simple' a knotting 'project' and got lost on step 2 *sigh* I hauled out the crochet hook and thread... got two rows in and got equally lost.

I feel like a Jill of all trades. I just completed another course. I do courses in all manner of things that, though I use them for myself, do little to further my life plans. I'm one of those 'knowledgeable in many things, but properly qualified in none' with scads of grim life experience, but no papers to prove it (or very few anyway). But then... if learning makes me a better person, all is good : )

I have a long list of goals. Some easier to get to than others. Funny how the more challenging ones end up at the top of the list.

I discovered why I wasn't sleeping well, aside from the cat making me move around her all night. The bed needs a miracle makeover or a dump. I vote 'dump'. Maybe one day.

In a world of amazing possibilities, it becomes hard, sometimes, to decide which possibilities to go for first.

It's August. The year is almost over. Omg!

I love kids. Honestly, I do! I may want to commit hari-kari on the brats two houses down. They scream all day long... I mean... really  scream. I would love to give the parents a reality check. My fear is that one day they'll be screaming for real (as opposed to really screaming) and everyone will ignore it because it's 'normal'. Aside from that, it's just plumb annoying.

We have a big black cat that has taken to visiting and... much to my disgust... spraying. I'll add him to the list of 5000 other cats that have taken to hanging around and have formed the Tujupi Cat Choral. The black cat (aside from his obvious misdemeanour) is beautiful though. He's a pitch black version of Maluco. The same calm "I'm top cat around here" attitude. Now if he didn't spray =/

Some days, just waking up is enough

Random comments welcome...


  1. First off, I'm glad to see you back. :D

    Secondly, I'm only taking a break from today's project so my thoughts may not be overly coherent. haha.

    I like the "on top of the world" :)

    I'm sorry your crafty projects aren't going as planned. :( I haven't touched my stipple since day one and right now I don't think my hands could hold a pen anyway.

    Augh, it's terrible not to have a good night's sleep. I'm sorry! That's one of my good side effects from losing my job. Well, that plus that last change in meds. I sleep SO well now. I wish I could help somehow.

    Someday your Jill of all trades talents are going to come in very useful and handy. I just know it! I can feel it. :)

    Thank GOODNESS the year is almost over. I'm ready for cooler weather and to see what 2011 will bring all of us. :)

    Boo to the kids and the cat! The screaming kids here make the dogs go bonkers, which makes ME go bonkers, so I can at least relate with the feelings of hari-kari. Grrr.

    Amen to just waking up being enough. *whew*

  2. I bet your Jill trades could answer a lot of questions I have! Jaldi Jaldi!!
    I can't believe it's August. I had no idea it was.
    That's what I look like getting out of bed in the morning.
    I also want to sew. I have all these ideas in my head but after trying to thread needles for half an hour I give up. What would you make?
    How about ditching the bed and getting a hammock? ;)
    I'm so glad you're back here. I be'ed worried.

  3. Kippy, I'm not overly coherent either, so we'd make a good pair. I have so many unfinished projects all over the show. Some I've tossed... some... well... should be tossed haha! As for the bed, I've dealt with that in a way. It's mind over matter... a case of making my mind think the bed doesn't matter... or the cat.

    Katey, you obviously look good getting out of bed then lol No ways do I look that good. I have some fabric for a complete outfit and ideas for other clothes. I mean, I need clothes that fit and are halfway presentable. Get a needle-threader! Hammocks sound ghastly for the back. You end up spending the night curved. I'z old, y'know... or at least, my back is lol Sorry I made you worry, but thanks for worrying anyway :)

  4. Go on! Tell me you can't find it lol

  5. Like you I seem to have random thoughts, trouble is I don't seem to have the energy/time to put them down in any coherent fashion. At least you did...oh god I suddenly feel inspired. Maybe I should get a real blog together.. soon

  6. Quickly! Before they vanish! I speak from experience lol

  7. ROTFL..it may happen..Im 50 after all...

  8. *tacklehugs

    I have 32 random projects. I should finish one someday. Maybe we'll hook up and have "UFO Day" (UnFinished Object) and we'll see about getting stuff done, one random project at a time. I swear though, sometimes finding the stuff I need to complete a project in Japan is a project in an of itself. Glack.

    I DO love the on top of the world comment. Believe in your awesomeness!!!!

    We need a new mattress SO badly too, but with stuff going on? Not happening for awhile yet. *sigh Mebbe after we're settled back in the US?


    Mebbe not...

    I am unhappeh with the cat spray thing. UGH not cool. "Spray elsewhere!!!!"
    At least he's pretty though! That helps some I guess. :oD

    MUCH LOVE and glad to seeee yoooou!

  9. Crikey, you sound like me! Except I did try the sewing yesterday and found it had the same affect on me as the crochet had on you. Flopsy bunny actually sat by the window and watched me struggle with pins and patterns until I clearly became boring and he had a snooze instead.

    Our cat-with-attitude is a grey tabby that sprays our garden trying to impress the cute little black and white girl who belongs to the neighhbours. Mr Tabby is the king of the snub. He can so ignore you that you feel lower than a worm. :-\

  10. PS... my entire life is a random thought lately! ;-)

  11. That's the bit that I find difficult - even when the possibilities are just everyday mundane.
    So much to do, what to tackle first?

    I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that kitteh isn't neutered and his owners couldn't care less.


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