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Monday, 02 August 2010


I woke up on the tail end of a fascinating dream. As some of you may know, I've been very interested in alternative healing for many, many years now. My interest started with herbs, then moved on to reflexology. Reflexology is the stimulating of points in the hands or feet, which correspond to areas in the body. The body is broken up in to energy meridians, so the energy runs from a point in the body to the organ you are treating.

I believe that our bodies are remarkable machines, where everything is tied in, all running like smooth cogs, interlinked. I believe in the healing therapies I've studied because I started out as the ultimate sceptic. Everything I use is what I've tried on myself and found it to work.

I have studied reflexology and herbalism over the years. As you know, I don't go to the doctor unless the situation is dire. My latest visit to the doctor let me to blood tests that showed that I was normal in every way and the couple that were 'out of synch' were so logical and something I can work on on my own. In fact, something I need to work on (you only need to see a photo of me to know what that is).

Since I started on this 'journey', I have studied EFT, TAT, acupressure and hypnotherapy. Studying, for me, has involved reading everything I can on the subject, doing research and taking every course I have access to. Last week, I did the exam to certify as a hypnotherapist. I passed and got my bit of paper. Thing is, like all the other qualifications I have, this one is a low level qualification, but it did give me knowledge and I can use that with myself and anyone else who trusts me enough. It sounds pat, but the more I learn, the more I find out I don't know and want to learn more.

                       ~ ~ ~

Back to my dream. I don't remember the lead up, other than that it involved a mess of transport typical of my working life, but I ended up in a hospital clinic setup. The place was very old. The furnishings were solid, very thick wood, painted in yellowing enamel paint that had obviously taken years of abuse, but was clean. With every aspect of the dream, the word 'ancient' comes to mind. There was a mess with documents I needed, again, typical of my life here. I never seem to have the right papers. Jurgis eventually arrived with the final paper I needed after a frantic call.

I was shown through to the doctor. He stood behind an old desk, in the style of the front desks. Behind him was a circular area with floor-to-ceiling shelves, every inch of which contained little brown bottles. I looked at the bottles and could visualise their contents. The contained liquids with samples in them. I was intrigued and, to me, it was strangely beautiful. I stood looking at them and wanted to write a poem about those bottles.

The doctor eventually sent me through for the actual blood test. As I walked into the next area, another doctor or technician was standing there holding a chart and pointing to where he was going to take the sample. He was a good few feet away, but I could clearly see the chart. It was a meridian chart with the liver meridian highlighted in a bright orange-red. This is strange because, with all my studying, I have a vague sense of the acupressure/acupuncture meridians, but struggled to memorize them, but in my dream, I knew that meridian very well and recognised it immediately.

I woke up at the point where I was standing rooted to the ground realising that the doctor was planning to stick a needle into my liver at the point under the ribs in the image here. I think anyone would wake up at that thought ; )

                       ~ ~ ~

Back to reality.

Last week, I was doing a lot of EFT and hypnosis on the subject of my health and my work, aka financial situation. One of the EFT masters suggested focussing on a point that needs working on (EFT uses acupressure points). I kept thinking that I don't know which point needs more work and how am I supposed to know anyway? I have my answers. Research into the liver meridian was the penny drop I needed. I had a few 'wow' moments this morning. So that's what it was?!

My morning didn't end there. I got two emails where the one agent I get work from had asked my old students (one who'd cancelled) if they want to return to class. The responses were that they loved the classes with me, but couldn't right now and would in the near future. Hey... a compliment! I'll take that!

More was to come though. The same agent, who's an English teacher himself with excellent English, has asked me to teach his three kids, each kid in his/her own class. Wow. I was dumbstruck. This teacher is a good teacher in his own right. He used to run a school. His old students rave about his classes and he wants ME to teach his kids?! A compliment indeed. I'll take that too! : )

All in all, the week is starting well with fascinating things to think about, follow up on and filled with hope. I like that.


  1. I have to read this again when I have more time. I think you work on the dream plane as well as awake!

  2. Kat, I have always paid attention to my dreams and blogged a few. Yes, I believe I do work through my dreams and learn a lot too about myself and the direction I'm going in.

  3. Kat, look into EFT. It's so simple. It's free. It's something you can do and it will help in so many areas of your life.

  4. Wow, what a great week so far ... I love the start of it! Hope it keeps going this way! :)

  5. I wish I dreamed as vividly....

  6. Wow Tint, there's a lot here to take in! Though the bestest part is how freakin exciting your week has been ALREADY!!!! Here's to hoping you have a fab week and look at you, giving us all some new stuff to study and learn about!

    Looooove it.... but not as much as I love yooooou! *winks 'n' grins

  7. Great that you have certificates in all of these things - and something you can perhaps go into more when you get here? Jaldi, Jaldi!! :)
    I love lucid dreams that teach you something.
    Compliemts indeed on the teaching! Really great!!
    Bring on the rest of your week!! :)

  8. Thanks Kippy! I hope so too.

    Heather, it's something you can train yourself to do, though I've always been a very vivid dreamer. I could make a fortune selling far-fetched fantasy movie scripts for some of these dreams lol

    Jaime, I truly hope it keeps up. There's just so much out there to learn. I got another student right after the ones I mentioned, but he's what we call a 'pepino' here (cucumber... it means he's awkward to handle). *feels loved and mushy* : )

    Katey, I hope so too, but that would depend on living in an English world. I actually love all lucid dreams... probably why I have no desire to own a TV. My entertainment comes at night ; )

  9. Aren't dreams amazing things? I have always thought we work out problems and anxieties in our dreams. the trick is recognizing the bits that provide the insights. It sounds like yours fell right into line with what you needed. I have had a few precognitive dreams. They are all different, but have the same general theme so are recognizable. They predict serious illness and death of a person close to me. The problem is that I can't tell who the person is, just that something bad is about to happen.

    Grats on the new students! You rock!

  10. You're always learning great plan. The dream....the details amaze me...the place you were in....old, heavy, thick everything....weighty ....something needing fixed...lots of papers then something hard to do or allow....scary even but something you know a bit about..

    I know what I'm thinking, but I'm very curious what you think.

  11. Wow! The best part is that someone you look up to is looking to you to teach his children. That IS a very big compliment :) And a great responsibility. Congrats!

  12. *sigh* I always come so late to your blogs, Tint. I like your dream. So what's up with your liver? I think you woke up not only because he's going to poke you but because you know, subconsciously, the way to treat yourself.

    Good luck with your teaching! :)


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