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Don't compare your life to others'. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Lost in translation

My shadow in the river canal.
The sharp mid-morning light shows it as clean, which is nice. I cropped a good deal of over-exposed concrete wall from the top of the picture.
This is to give you an idea of how deep it is.
When it rains, it overflows and floods the highway running alongside.

Sunday morning and I'm sitting watching Youtube videos with no inclination whatsoever to attend to the pile of dishes, pile of ironing, pile of laundry, pile of papers, pile of... well, you know...

It started with me briefly visiting the social network sites to see if anything new was happening. Facebook - check. G+ - check. Twitter - ... oh wait... huge miscommunication! Twitter in English is bad enough. I usually only follow people who at least attempt complete sentences. Thing is, I do know some Brazilians and they're there too. My Portuguese is stellar, of course *koff* but my Portuguese in Twitter unspeak? Ha! A guy posted that I had 'accepted' his story and I haven't even spoken to him in a few months. I responded, thinking he had a bit of a cheek mentioning me that way. Turns out he was just rejoicing that a magazine had published his story and was sharing his joy. Oh... Oops! What a difference a tilde makes! A tilde, by the way, is a common part of Portuguese, like the ã in São, for those who are wondering.

Then a colleague posted this video. It's hilarious! Welcome to my world! Note, it is adult humour for the most part, so I wouldn't watch it with the little ones, though they wouldn't understand it anyway.

~~~~ ~~~~

~~~~ ~~~~

And then I watched this... also funny and So true!

~~~~ ~~~~

~~~~ ~~~~

Ooh! And on the subject of language, I wanted to show you the latest gem I found in one of the clothing chains here. If it weren't for the sequins, I swear I'd buy it to befuddle the world (outside of Brazil, that is).

Saturday, 06 August 2011

We've got massive doses of boer-maak-'n-plan-heid!! Yep... that's us!

Maybe... just maybe...

Can you see me? Let's face it, that is an odd way to catch some sun!

I really, really want to get caught up with everyone and even post a blog or 10. I'm making no promises, but lets see how far I get with it this weekend.

So how is everyone? Summarise people! Summarise! *laughing* I've just lectured a student today on keeping his sentences short. Last night, I had to check through a document by a legal personage. Oh my word... they love long sentences!!! Add the Brazilian factor to that and you get entire third-of-a-page paragraphs that are one long sentence. Makes my brain hurt!

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