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Saturday, 06 August 2011

Maybe... just maybe...

Can you see me? Let's face it, that is an odd way to catch some sun!

I really, really want to get caught up with everyone and even post a blog or 10. I'm making no promises, but lets see how far I get with it this weekend.

So how is everyone? Summarise people! Summarise! *laughing* I've just lectured a student today on keeping his sentences short. Last night, I had to check through a document by a legal personage. Oh my word... they love long sentences!!! Add the Brazilian factor to that and you get entire third-of-a-page paragraphs that are one long sentence. Makes my brain hurt!


  1. LOL, I just "tweeted" you to ask how you were doing. Missed this one obviously :)
    Hope you're oke!
    And I'l summarise my life at the moment ... "vacation". *grin*

  2. I am exhausted, life is busy, Eric goes back to school Monday and my hip is sore and Rick is recovering from his surgery but the biopsy was bad and Bryan is dating :-) You may now officially skip every single blog and note from the last 2 weeks LOL
    That is a great picture and I would LOVE to be curled up like that happy kitty!
    have a happy weekend :-)

  3. I'm good. Excited and relaxed.
    Good enough?

  4. He (and I presume by his red and white color that it is a male) has certainly found a nice, quite, shady spot ! Too cute

  5. Doing wonderful here, my son is out mowing (cuz he LIKES to), hubby and his daughter went to visit his son and we are just lounging later today.

  6. Wait...thats a cactus! isn't it poking him? lol

  7. haha! Yes, Lolly! It's a cactus! That is just why I took the photo!

    Riete, got your tweet =) Thanks for the note. I so appreciated it! Vacation is *good*!! lol

    Marty, I had grave doubts that your life could be summarised. Even when things are running normally, you don't have a summarising kind of life. Sounds like it's been rough going =/ Hugs! And no, you don't want to be curled up like the kitty. It's curled around a cactus!!

    Katey. Ditto excitement. Wish I could relate to the relaxed. Yes. All good! ; )

    Annette, it's a lady cat. Queens are the ones who are prone to two or more colours, though I've had a ginger and white cat before. He was beautiful... a ginger mixed with a white persian.

    Lolly, hubby likes mowing too. Actually, so do I, but I think that is more to do with the fact that I miss having grass to mow. Love the smell. Lounging sounds good!

  8. Work, photography, work and .. um, work. That's the word here these days. I have another photo catch-up blog hopefully coming tonight, though. Oh, and we rescued a little kitten that was lost on the side of the highway. :) He has a very good home now, and it was a very sweet experience. :)

  9. That is SUCH a precious shot. Cats seem to find the perfect spots to sleep. For some reason I am missing a lot of posts and comments, myself. So I, too, am catching up.

  10. much like our South African politicians, how they can ramble on and on and on, without saying anything even remotely intelligent, never mind getting to the point or speaking the truth !! LOL

  11. well she sure is nice and snug in the sun, but by a cactus???? Lovely shot of our little bundle of joy! Missed you sweetie ! All fine this side, same old, same old.

  12. The cat loks cozy , comfy. I have been gone to Michigan for a month and just got back a week ago so catching up. Have a wonderful week , thanks for sharing the blog and cute picture.

  13. *laugh* So all is good your end, Kippy! I'm glad you rescued a kitty. Kitties are so infinitely rescuable : )

    Kat, I don' think that wrapping yourself around a cactus quite cuts it as perfect, but I get what you're saying. It was quite a chilly day with a biting wind, so kitty was curled up in the sun. Nice!

    Marianne, I know lots of people who ramble. Some ramblings are interesting and others aren't. This lot was just... lots 'n lots of virtually incomprehensible word combinations. Exhausting stuff. Sorry I haven't been around. It's been a mix of crazy busy and not knowing where to start with catching up. I get like that. When the mountain looks to big, it helps to try and pretend it isn't there instead of just taking a step or two.

    Hope you had a lovely trip, Cheryl!

  14. LOL................never knew you were an ostrich, Tint. Never mind as long as we know you are okay, before we send out a search party and everyone starts panicking. Love you gf, nice to see you again. Mwah

  15. Oh I can be an ostrich, all right!

    Now, today, Multiply's update thing isn't working.... bah!

  16. I love the picture! Summer here is my busy time, not too much blogging or making the rounds either. Life is garden, reflexology at the farmers market, grandson half the week. I have been blessed with a drama-free life so you don't miss anything by not catching up for a few months. Much love to you and Jurgis!


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