Just a thought....
Don't compare your life to others'. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I know it's wasteful, but there are few things that are quite as luxurious as well lathered hair. I love the feel of the lather in my hair and then the hot water washing the suds out.

I'm grateful for my hair 

Monday, 18 July 2011

Snippets of life

My walk to work - or at least one of them.
I head to a 2 hour evening class in an industrial area.

My lunchtime student, the psychologist, is off to Spain (which explains my presence in blogland today). Brazilians don't like the winter, especially this lady. We had a gorgeous week of what I'd love as summer though. Warm, sunny days with a light breeze. It's cooling rapidly now. Rain to come this afternoon.

I have enough chicken soup in the pot to feed an army. Got some pasta and mince cooking as well. We haven't had that for a while. Evenings are always a challenge. I don't have any evenings free right now. The weekend ran away with me, so I'm doing a bulk cook-up now.

The guys at Gameloft are trying to persuade me to buy a new mobile. I got to play with the latest Samsung Galaxy in class *drools*

Multiply used to send personal messages to my mailbox. I see I missed a couple : (  I wasn't ignoring anyone. Promise!

I have a new 'friend' on my walks. It's hard to keep her attention though. She's very focused...

This little cat can be found at any time sitting meditating or scheming (you decide which) on the birds. I stood there for about 10 minutes photographing her from all angles. She didn't even twitch a whisker! When I get her attention, though, she is the sweetest, most affectionate little thing. The owner seems to collect and sell all kinds of junk. Both cat and birds seem very well cared for.

I have learnt that a good keyboard is worth its weight in gold! I will not take my keyboard for granted. I will not take my keyboard for granted. I will not take..... The letters had worn off my keyboard in far too short a period of time. The shop told us to contact Microsoft (it's a MS keyboard), which we did. They told us to ship the keyboard to them. While we waited, I used one of those little silicone keyboards you can roll up. It was a Portuguese keyboard, as opposed to the Brazilian abnt2 that I was used to. The keys had No Logic at all! I finally got my keyboard back *hugs keyboard* alçfkjdsçlk r48twpagw Never hug your keyboard.

Winter = naartjie season!!