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Saturday, 07 October 2006

Pete's pond

This is where I wish I had a larger readership of this blog. I wanted to share Pete's pond with the world.

Pete's pond is a live cam in Botswana, where one can watch African wildlife around-the-clock. Do yourself a favour and go to the link on the National Geographic site. You will need to install Real Player to watch, but it is well worth it.

Enjoy the stunning African sunsets, bird calls, elephant calves frolicking at the water's edge, various buck. The whole video is in real time, so you'll watch and hear the wind in the trees. See the wind ruffling the feathers of a kingfisher in the thorn tree on the side of the pond. At night, thanks to the night-vision camera, you can watch the cats come out.

For those who, for some reason, can't support the video, stop by at the wildlife flash-cards. This is great for children. Click on each animal, hear what its called in Tswana, the local language, listen to information on the animal that goes beyond what the encyclopedia will tell you. See what the animal's tracks look like and more.

I have decided to keep the cam open in my browser just for the sound effects. Can't think why... but I love the sound of the African bushveld ;)