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Sunday, 07 August 2011

WildEarth TV

Go NOW! There's a heard of impala at the pond!


  1. Aw, I missed the impala, but it's still cool to HEAR everything going on around it. :)

  2. Ok, well it's cool for ME. Britley, however, is not so impressed. She jumped up, growling, grabbed a duck and is now glaring at me, accusationally, duck firmly planted in her mouth.

  3. lol. Poor Britley!
    I usually look at Africam. :)

  4. I think some of those animals must've been saying some nasty stuff that upset her delicate sensibilities. ;) haha.

  5. Like, "Whoah, here comes a lion, let's DUCK!"

  6. haha! Duck days! Actually, not long after, I saw what was either a duck or goose or something else feathered with a long(ish) neck - hey! It was far! - swimming on the lake. Maybe Brit sensed it coming

  7. I did end up seeing something with tusks of some sort, and then whoever was controlling the camera zoomed way in, presumably to try to find it, and it got so pixelated I couldn't see anything anymore, so I stopped tormenting the poor dog and closed the page. :) It makes me want to travel there and sit beside the water with a camera. And a protector. :)


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