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Tuesday, 03 August 2010

Crossword Fun - alphaDictionary

Go on... have some fun! Click on the block and start typing. Clicking twice on a block gives you the 'down' word. Clues are on the left.


  1. :) I stink at crosswords, but I had fun with the roman numeral puzzle. ;)

  2. No great shock I'm set as a child of the 60s. I think in my heart that's where I'll always be. hehe.

  3. I nearly cried. I scored 50's, but my answers ranged between the 30's and 70's *laugh*

    Bed time for me. Tomorrow's an early start. Weather is cold with constant drizzle. Fun!

  4. Actually, I'm surprised at your answer. The quiz is very American and I was born in the second half of the sixties, which would set you as teenager quite a bit later. I figured my results showed fifties because South Africa was always about a decade behind with that kind of thing.

  5. "What did your generation call an awkward, unsophisticated person from the country?"

    A neighbor??? :oP


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