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Saturday, 07 August 2010

I believe

Art by Sara Broski. I loved her work! Very whimsical.
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Reincarnation is a belief that seems to fly in the face of creation, but then, according to many, so does the whole evolution and dinosaurs belief. There are so many varying beliefs founded on man's desire to know why, when and how. Does it really matter? This blog isn't on religious belief, though it is a topic I enjoy discussing on occasion. Note that I said 'discussing', not ranting, postulating, temper-tantruming or throwing rotten eggs over. What my beliefs are, are not the point here, though I'm inclined to say, "Who really knows?" In short, I believe it is all possible. Yes, every single last bit of it and I think that the sooner people look at each other with a desire to understand the beliefs of others, we'll find that to be true.

But... this is about reincarnation and possibly a little evolution, possibly a dinosaur or two... and yes, creation. I'm not sure why I chose these words beyond that they seem to be appropriate to my thoughts.

As I see it, we've all been reincarnated in one form or another. We're all evolving, ever-changing, growing. We came into this life as a lump of (rather cute) clay, each one of us with unique moulding properties, ready to be formed or moulded. Those who've worked with clay will know there are some clays which mould far easier than others, some which are prone to cracking and others which hold up rather well under adverse conditions.

As we go through life, we all encounter change. Usually, it's an evolution or growth period. Circumstances force us to adapt and adapt we do. The human spirit is remarkably strong, usually far stronger than we think it is while going through those rough times.

Ah... then there are times when life simply whips the carpet out of under our feet and we crash. A phoenix-like rebirth is the only option open. We scrape together the ashes and pieces of our soul and drag ourselves up again - some times better than others.

There are also times we choose to reincarnate ourselves. This is what I was thinking about today. For myself, I'm at a point where I'm once again evaluating where I am and what I can do to better myself. There are so many things I want to change that it's more of a reincarnation, rather than an evolution. I like the fact that a reincarnation seems quicker than an evolution too.

So... reincarnate, I will, assuming I can persuade the dinosaurs of my old belief systems, experiences and perceptions not to stomp all over my attempts.


  1. Tint, lovely blog. I enjoy the way you are approaching the transforming into the next paragraph of your life. We just have to when our children leave home...

  2. Tint, I have been to your page a few times and I have not been on much of recent but I must say that you are a tremendous writer (not saying it for the sake of saying) and it's truly interesting to read these. I think it takes an open mind.

    A great eve to you...

  3. I like it. :) Here's to a successful reincarnation!

  4. Very eloquently written. May your time of change bring many pleasant surprises!

  5. Ahhhhh yes! You speak my mind, and of my evolution and reincarnation and of all of us who deal with and go through change at various stages in our lives.... Very well put Tint! Conciously dealing with change is challenging, but so rewarding when we are able to embrace it!

  6. I so know the feeling. Every time I crash land, I have to gather myself and try one more, and one more time, just like that phoenix coming out of ashes. That is our main strength - ability to get up and go, though sometimes it is so hard just to gather your breath for yet another climb up that hill.
    We all go towards some light (dream), and not necessarily we always get there. Sometimes, if not always, the most important thing is that we try to achieve that dream, that we strive to be better, etc. That make us moving, changing and always evolving.
    I've read in some book of my favorite author, that life is like dances on the snow - we try to dance on the snow, trying to hide all what is not nice and beautiful in history of humanity or in our personal lives under this cover of fascinating dance, but as the snow is never even, some places hard, some places soft and melted, or slippery, etc., we fall. And what matters is that we dance nevertheless, and try to be better ones. That is, if we fail today, we might be successful the next time.

  7. I've been trying to reincarnate into financial independence but it seems I would have a better chance at becoming a goldfish. :-)

    I hope you have better luck, you are starting with the right attitude.

    Bob, Kippy's friend.

  8. :) Like a phoenix rising from the ashes! :)

  9. I like your ideas, too, Tint. I also have been looking to be a "change" for the better in my own life. I talk about the paradigm shift-I want one, and believe it or not-it's happening. It's a good concept, and really, all we have is the moment we are living in, right now. Be that change sweetheart. :)

  10. I love that you are always looking to recreate, readjust, polish, change! Yet the core of you is very much the wonderous person who is that center of all of the Tints over the years. I feel that way about myself, as I evolve and change and I hope always do!


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