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Friday, 20 August 2010

Accidental flying

I take three buses to my first student. Every now and again, the bus drivers run an intensive testing period to see if the passengers are awake.

In short... I hurt... all over.

I was tucked into the window seat just in front of the conductor. The driver had filled up with kangaroo juice and was testing his brakes and steering system to the limit. In peak hour traffic, that takes some doing.

I reached into my bag to get my bus card out just as the driver grew wings to take the last S-bend before my stop.

Now I'm not gravity-challenged and I'm definitely no feather-weight. It takes a lot to part me with gravity. When I sit, I'm firmly planted. Not this time. As he took the corner, I sailed across, out of my seat, across the neighbouring seat, and into the aisle, landing in a heap on the opposite side of the the bus against the other seats. Gravity remembered me... with a vengeance! As I said, I hurt *hobbles off into the sunset... make that 'sunrise'*

This picture makes me very, very grateful that I wear pants to work!

Great way to start the day!

I tend to stop and talk to the animals along my way and passing dog walkers are easy game. One dog came up to sniff and I patted him and chatted to him. His owner launched into an account of how she's going to complain about the bank she was just at because they wouldn't let her dog (slightly bigger than a fox terrier) in even though he's her 'bengala'. Now 'bengala' is a walking stick. How on earth can a dog on a soft leather leash be a walking stick for someone, who, incidentally, was walking just fine. I suggested, hesitantly, that perhaps if she carried a document saying he is exempt from the usual rules banning animals in banks, she may avoid problems in future. Apparently she has a document and they refused to acknowledge it. Now I'm an ardent defender of the sick, the lame and the helpless, but I couldn't help thinking this time that I wasn't very surprised that they raised an eyebrow at her claim.

Eh.... what a week it's been. I'm glad tomorrow is Friday. I'll go in, teach, then pay the rent and get my butt home to unwind.


  1. When my dog was alive I always brought her into our bank. We never ever had any problems with the bank. She was always leashed but she whined incessantly.She was like a little kid when it came to waiting around somewhere she didn't live. She was a German Short haired Pointer and they tend to be a little high strung. She was too big to sneak in a bag but because the bank didn't offer food there really is not reason a dog shouldn't be allowed in.
    We didn't like taking Deirdre anywhere because she would go crazy wanting to sniff everything. But, on a leash she had to stay put.
    Sorry to hear about your bus accident. You are lucky that you didn't hit your head.
    A few years ago I was on a bus at the time the teenagers got out of school and every time the bus lurched one way the kids would go in that direction and when it would go the other way so would they. So, about twenty kids were falling back and forth all over each other. They were very noisy as well. There were so many of them and the bus so crowded that some of them were almost falling on the people sitting. Luckily I have never been thrown out of my seat like you were.
    Did you report the driver? They should be more careful.

  2. Aw ma... Your day sounds as bad, if more painful, as mine... I hope your day improved though.... Love you! *BEAR HUGS*

  3. Also, someone really should confiscate that bloody kangaroo juice.. It's getting out of hand ;P

  4. Wooot! I am so glad that you are OK and nothing more serious! Sore is not fun though and hope no bruises tomorrow :-( I am got gravity-challenged either but when it happens, and you hit or land, you really know it!!!
    I love the pic though!
    I hope that you get a long soak or a good long hot shower before you turn it! End your week happily, Tint!

  5. Holy crap, Tint! I'm so sorry for your bus ride! If you were in the U.S. you could sue him and get rich.

    I hope tomorrow is very relaxing and you are able to unwind easily! I'll keep an eye out for you.

  6. Did the driver apologize to you? Glad you weren't hurt more!

    Isn't it funny how you can meet a complete stranger, and they unload their troubles and complaints on you? Or their life history?

  7. You guys really need to get out of that crazy place XX

  8. Oh my, it happened to me too, once, long ago when I was still studying and had to take a bus to school. So I know how you feel!
    Dogs are not allowed in banks or shops here either. I see many a dog, howling on his leash, tied to a tree outside when I go shopping.

  9. Oww Tint! Is it common for driver there to do this?!! What did he do then?
    Wish you a quiet relaxing weekend! Hope you can unwind a bit!

  10. That is not a way I would like to start my day - 'pens en pooitjies in die lug!' Hope those aches and pains mend quickly!

  11. Whoa!
    Hope your weekend is relaxing and happy

  12. Eina!!! Hope you're recovering well by now!?

  13. I've helped a young lady who slid across the hard plastic seats and smacked her face into part of the bus a while ago. The bus driver did absolutely NOTHING. I was... ticked off to say the least. I hope a couple of Motrin will help you feel better my dear. I'm sadly out of tune for writing right now, but I'll be settled down and doing so soon I suppose. Hugs my dear (very gently).


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