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Friday, 20 August 2010

In Brooklyn Store, Everything’s Always 100% Off - NYTimes.com

Wouldn't it be wonderful if very city had a store or three like this and people contributed?


  1. Wow--and in NYC even!

  2. This is a great post! Tremendous!!! More of this in the world would be a good thing indeed :-)

  3. This sounds like fun!

  4. *laughs very cool! And hey... no crazy Americans trashed the store, painted it funny colors, said nasty things, complained, or anything like that.

    See? We get things right sometimes ;o)

  5. I was just thinking about that, Jaime. This is one of those things many of us would say "It's a nice idea, but it'd never work." Well, these folks sure proved that not to be the case! :)

  6. Yes, you guys do get it right up there, but you know what? I've noticed that Americans in general are really great at giving : ) Sadly, I'm one of those who think, "It's a nice idea, but it'd never work here."


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