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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Wednesday's logic puzzles

I love the look on this guy's face - very apt for me today

Guess who forgot to reset the alarm last night... so I woke up at 4:30am instead of 6am. For the uninitiated, I wake up at a different time every day, depending on my schedule. Well, if nothing else, by the time I headed out, I was quite awake and could take my poor beleaguered limbs on a somewhat less frantic walk today - stop for a photo or two, then later to wish on a dandelion clock before ambling, nay, make that limping into the metro station.

I am sore... so very sore. Monday, I walked to the metro station, a 1.8km (1.1 mile) walk, then back again after the earlier students. I now do that walk at least twice a day, sometimes 4 times. It's not arduous. Because the bus route to my evening student is 100% ghastly, I decided to walk to his offices - an easy (or so I thought) 4.5km (2.8 mile) walk away. I figured it was no less than my workout walk. Ha! I was wearing fairly comfortable shoes that are just a smidgeon too big for me. I walked briskly, not wanting to chance being late and the sooner I could get there, the more time I could give myself to cool down and look less like I've just run a marathon before meeting the client. By the last mile, I felt as though both legs had full-on cramps and my left heel was one big open blister. Nasty. Otherwise, it was good. There was a nice breeze blowing that made it bearable - as long as I ignored my lower limbs.

I felt those lower limbs for the rest of the week... I won't even talk about the blister.

Back to Wednesday morning...
Ugh, the temperature is at a 'fresh' 24ºC (75ºF) and is now deemed too 'cold' for the fans and aircons to be on. Why on earth do Brazilians always look cool as cucumbers, while I look like a roasted pig with sweat tapping off in a highly unladylike manner?? The metro is packed. They really should open it earlier. I was off to a meeting with a new student. It went well. I'm still trying really hard to convince her to have her classes via Skype. I'm not pushy or anything, just hell-bent and determined *laugh*

Juggling three heads... yep, that's me!

I have spent the past two days frantically trying to squeeze 3 more classes into my morning and another two into my afternoon. You know those logic puzzles? The ones where Mary likes apples, but doesn't like bananas, Joe likes peaches, but is allergic to mangoes, Jack hates apples, but loves papaya, etc... and you have to figure out who gets to eat what in the end? I sucked at doing those, so I avoid them. Right now, my schedule is like a logic puzzle, except without the logic and too many 'Janes' like 'peaches'. Everyone wants the 8am slot. Mary wants any day of the week, except Mondays. Janet wants any day except Friday. Thursday is taken by John. And so it goes on.

I ended up dropping one student and convincing another that she can only have one class per week, instead of two. She may just decide on another teacher with that kind of condition *sigh*

I'm itching! I'm sooo over mosquitoes!! Most things in nature, I can figure out why they were created, but mosquitoes.... ?? Can anyone tell me??


  1. Mosquitoes...Hmm, for some reason it never occured to me that you might have mosquitoes there in paradise...?

  2. Para... what??! *cough... choke*

  3. Classes through Skype! What a wonderful idea. Can you charge a different rate for meeting in the flesh? You really, really should.

  4. Ien, I already give classes through skype and it works well. A lot depends on the student. I often give a different price because I don't have the travel costs, but, in reality, the work, for me is exactly the same, so the price difference isn't that great. The benefit to the student is that I have more resources on hand when I'm at my pc and the classes are vastly more flexible in time and activity.

  5. I couldn't be coping with logic puzzles. I failed maths for a reason! As for that walk .... I think it's that damn voortrekker invincibility go forth and conquer gene that keeps sticking it's damn neck out .... Hope your feet are better in time for next week!

  6. I can no more easily answer the mosquito question than the logic question. :) Good for you for doing all that walking, even if you're paying for it now!

  7. To make you appreciate not itching?

  8. Walking is a good exercise. Too bad I don't do it. haha. I like the burn. It's different from the normal pain, ya know?

    I've often wondered why mosquitoes are around. Maybe fish food. They like to hatch in water...and before humans, they probably stayed around rivers and ponds. Otherwise I have no clue. I hate them.

    We live very close to a river, and summers here are horrible. You can't go outside at night!! When Erin was here, he had those tiki torches filled with citronella going and that really didn't help either, but it was somewhat better. They say to build bat houses for bug problems. I may do it.

  9. Guess who forgot to reset the alarm last night?! Yep, me.. and it's Sunday today! Luckily, it wasn't thaaat early, but I tried to go back to sleep and I couldn't so I did get up earlier than usual, for a Sunday.. Anyway!
    I love the juggling-three-heads pic! It suits so many of us here, eh!
    Ouch that schedule sounds hectic, Prof! Wish I were one of those student of yours.. for the Proficency exam, y'know.. Could you imagine?!
    No clue why we have mosquitoes in this planet :S

  10. You and me both, Katey. Omg... I cracked up Totally at the Voortrekker reference!! You're so right! My feet are much improved. It's my brain that's worrying me now lol Uh yes... maths... me too *sigh*

    Kippy, I feel like superwoman with blisters *laugh* Yes, the activity did make me feel good. If I can avoid the blisters, I think I'll really like it. I like the alone time that comes with walking out there.

    Jaime, the short answer is 'no' ; )

    Kat, I enjoy walking as exercise. When at home, I do the Leslie Sansone walking program - 4 miles. I can do it, but then I sweat it out in front of my pc with a bottle of ice water on hand and comfy (not work) shoes. I hate mosquitoes too. Apparently there's a revolutionary (or something) mosquito repellent out that is also safe, but, of course, it's only in the USA and expensive.

    Dani, I loved that pic too. It was graffiti'd on a wall near my new student. I must get my act together. I have some materials on hand that I can send you for Proficiency. When I find my head, I'll do it.

  11. Oh really?! Would you?! Million thanks anyway! No rush, I haven't even started to search for books. In fact I was about to ask you which one you'd recommend me, but like yours, my head seems to be MIA lately! I was even writing a blog but got blocked so I'll post it tomorrow ;)


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