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Don't compare your life to others'. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


"Never let go of hope. One day you will see
that it all has finally come together. What you
have always wished for has finally come to be.
You will look back and laugh at what has passed
and you will ask yourself...
'How did I get through all of that?'”

–Author unknown


  1. Beautiful!
    Bucket loads of Hopefully hopeful!

  2. Yes, hope for better times is what people need just now.

  3. Perfect quote for the world and for our own personal times right now, too.

  4. Hope is one of THE most important things in life. Without hope there is no life.
    And, as my site background says, "Faith changes Hope into Reality" :)

  5. Felt it was right for me! I'd love to print it and post it near my books.. Thank you!

  6. Good one Tint - the laugh may be a bit hollow but we get there ( crossed fingers as I like to back up 'faith' any way I can). :))

  7. a perfect quote for this week, Tint. thank you

  8. My comment above sounds so selfish, but I didn't mean that. Truth is, I'm trying not to think much of what's happening in the world as it really freaks me out. I went in a state of panic following the global alert and so, I'm trying not to talk much about it. Hope I didn't give you a wrong impression. And yes, the poem suits the current situation perfectly.

  9. totally agree!

    beautiful quote and pic tint. never lose hope! i do have to remind myself of this during very challenging times. especially when it comes to the children...

  10. I'm glad everyone got something from this quote : )

    Riete, faith is, after all, the assurance of hope.

    Kippy, so many I know are going through rough times. I agree!

    Dani, print it! We all need hope and please, please don't think you are selfish. You know... if we have no hope personally, how on earth can we have hope for the rest of the world? When I put up this quote, I wasn't thinking of the global crisis. I was thinking of all my friends who're having a hard time. As I posted it, I thought it was appropriate for those struggling all over the world, be it from personal tragedy or natural disaster.

    Lois, that is right... we'll get there : )

    Kimmy... many times hope is all we have... for ourselves and the children.

  11. I think we are all still reeling in shock over the global news, much like 9/11, it is so hard to comprehend and understand so very far away and have empathy with someone you never met and yet for most of us, it touched us deeply right into the core and we said "thank God , we are okay" and then felt guilty. I speak of myself, yes I am okay, I am fine, dont know anyone in Japan, but my heart is breaking for those people and the fear when the alert was sent out, is this the end? We know the signs, we know it could be near, but in God's time , years are like seconds, so who knows, are your family and friends okay, what happens in the world today?? Through Multiply we keep in touch with so many people as friends all over. My heart is so full of worries and love for every one concerned. Hugs to all.

  12. That's the spirit, Dani!

    It's true, Marianne... I feel desperately sorry for those poor people. I was in tears yesterday as one woman described how her daughter was torn from her arms. But.... having said that, I know so many people whose very real problems are being overshadowed by the news. They need hope too. Augh...... don't we all, hm? : )

  13. We all need hope. Every story is important. All we can do is hang on to sanity in our little corners and do a bit more good than harm.

  14. It's true, looking back.


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