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Friday, 11 March 2011


A tenuous peace exists. The blue and red 'box' - I promise, it used to be a box... a cat box, to be precise... until Romany claimed it - now has new interest for Specs. She used it, I think, about 5 times since we got it. Now that Romany has claimed it, mooshed it, flattened it and generally abused it, she has taken it back. I lie.... she just occupies anywhere he likes to lie, blankie included, just to thwart his comfort. He takes it in good spirits and generally hides out at my feet under the desk. 

A couple of days ago, we were outside and I decided to finally photograph our giant, man-eating ants. These things are huge, by ant standards anyway, at least 1cm in length... make that just under half an inch (I think). We love bees and encourage them as much as possible. When it's really dry outside, we put out honey water for them. That was a lid to a container with honey water. The bees fled. The ants moved in.

Strangely, it's the little ants that are violent here. We have some that calmly walk over you and bite... just because and it burns! They're so insignificant-looking too. Then there are the ones that aggressively attack other creatures. While I was out, I watched a pack of them attacking a maggot (don't ask... it was ugly). Today, there was a lady bug on Jurgis' arm, so we put it on our most aphid-ridden plant. The ants moved in and toppled the bug to the soil below and attacked it. I quickly lifted it out, shook the ants off and it flew away, no doubt cursing us for nearly getting it killed. Horrible things.

I've been busy cutting and sewing. Today, I rescued a dress I wear far too often - it's my only cool, summer dress for around home. It's neckline and arms were starting to fray badly. It looks more respectable now. I've added another season onto its life, I think. The neighbour has gone away for a time. He gave his keys to Jurgis, so he could open windows to air the place and such. He has a perfectly magnificent granite work surface in the kitchen at the perfect height - he's extremely short, so it's totally wasted on him... no fair. I've been cutting fabric on there for the past few days. Then I can sew at my leisure. So far, I have a pair of shorts for Jurgis, a blouse for myself and a pair of slacks. My plan is to use up all the fabric I've been stashing for so long.

I have a quandary though. This fabric is upholstery fabric. In my dreams, it is to go on dining room chairs. I can just see it. But... it's been many years since we've had a dining room, never mind dining room chairs. When we moved here, a room in our house, the big front room, was being rented by an upholsterer. We let him stay for a time, while we found our feet. The fabric was left over from a job he had. Anyhow, I need to do something with it. Jurgis suggested a bed cover. There isn't enough. It's a lot of fabric, but not enough to cover a double bed. Any ideas? I'm looking for inspiration. I was thinking a jacket or coat...

Here is a close up of the fabric. The texture is that of thick linen...

Then there's this other piece. Very textured, softer, thicker. You can see it falls differently. Also winter jacket potential. Also not big enough for the bed. In its original plan, it was meant to be throw pillows. Again, I have no couch, so that's a moot point. Hm... a pair of pants, I wonder.... ?

Here's a close up, so you can see the texture...

I need ideas... inspiration... anything going? What would YOU do?


  1. Sorry, all I can come up with are pillows for both of them. I'm highly UNinspired, apparently. Those ants are CRAZY! Wow. I don't envy you those. We have fire ants out in the orchard, but thankfully nothing closer to the house. Romany is so sweet. He makes me think of Dante. :) Very giving and accepting.

  2. pack it up and send it to me *grins* I have a dining room and a sofa that needs pillows too LOL Shuh, I am not very arty and just cannot see a what else to make. A lined jacket would be lovely with the first piece............... still think you should send it to me instead ahahhahahaha

  3. All I can think of at the moment is pillows! Mainly because my couch needs new ones after my dog got into them! Those ants look horrid - we have Matabele Ants here and they are HUGE! Apparently they bite hard but I have been lucky not to find that out...yet....

  4. must we go shopping for new covers when you get here??

  5. absolutely adorable those 2, just like Mousie and Kiera. Big dogsie wopsie hugs to Romany and Kitty nose kisses to Specs.

  6. The second puts me in the mind of a cozy, oversized sweater/jacket for sure.

    For the second I don't know... part of my brain seized because you obviously have a perfect use and vision for it - your chairs! Too bad you don't have them yet tho. Drats! Could you do an oversized table runner to use on yoru counter or something so you can repurpose it to cover your chairs later? Maybe use it as a fabric to make a bag/purse or some such?

  7. Our cat, Moe, will steal the dog, Ben's, bed, too :) He'll slink away like she's the queen. I'll scoot Moe off so Ben can have his bed back.

    Ants that bite, not nice!

    I don't suppose you can save the fabric until you do have chairs and a couch? Otherwise, you have good ideas. Jackets for both, I think.

  8. Your dog is handsome but that cat has some gorgeous colors! A beauty! We are having our yearly spring ants here early because of the early rains, i have already had to spray once carefully because of the kitty, they come in my back windows and vents! Gorgeous fabric!

  9. Could you edge the fabric with a coordinating color to make it larger for the bed? I can't think of anything either, besides pillows. Or framing it as a wall hanging/room divider.

    You don't have a sofa? Where do you sit, when you sit? I think I need a picture tour of your house now.

  10. Kippy, it's ok. Thing is, you are very inspired and creative, but you don't sew, so you don't see the end product in the fabric. Now if it were a photo.... : ) Actually, I can take those big ants. It's the little *bleeps* that I can well do without. Romany is very sweet.... and gentle.

    Marianne, when I read your comment, I very nearly did... until I weighed it. I'd have to mortgage the house I don't have to pay for shipping lol It's heavy!! Jurgis was laughing at me. I mentioned a jacket, then decided I'd need a pants and shirt to match, which would mean going clothing shopping, which totally defeats the frugal nature of making something out of the fabric.

    Micky, perhaps I should do a dog pillow with it haha! I've heard of the Matabele (nearly typed Maltabele... my mind went to food) ants. Hope you don't find them.

    Marianne, I'll pass your greetings along lol

    Jaime, a jacket it is then. It's definitely wintery looking. I agree... it's perfect for chairs and my own brain won't go further than that. No table to put a table runner on really. It would make LOT of bags! ; )

    Faye, I just leave them. Romany's happy under the table at my feet and she eventually gets bored with the lack of reciprocation and moves off. I've been hoarding this fabric for many years now. Chairs + couch + fabric isn't going to happen, at least not here.

    Marty, yes! I love Specs' colours. As a kitten, we used to call her burnt pizza, but she has some beautiful tones in that fur. Funny how the ants come inside when it's too dry and when it rains. I've finally broken down and used poison, but only high up, out of pet range.

    Kat, I may have to go shopping sometime to see what's out there in terms of fabric. Perhaps I can pick up something cheap. We are long overdue for new bedding. As for this house... what do they say with FB relationships? It's complicated lol We have the kitchen, the teeny bathroom, the main room and the bedroom. The main room holds two desks and a worktable. No room for anything else. The bedroom has the bed, two kists and two wardrobes... again, no room for anything else. Our lives are very simple. When we want to sit, we sit at the computers. We eat at our desks. Life's like that... simple.

  11. Could you find other material that matches the lineny one to make a border around it and then it would make a quilt for a bed? It is beautiful material. I watched the most amazing programme last night about textiles in India and their place in society. Puts us to shame! UNBELIEVABLE! There was a 40ft floor cloth covered in row upon row of pink flowers, all sewn by hand by cobblers, over five years! Incredible! That waffle material looks nice and soft and warm. Jaket would be nice or even a jumper to go over something in winter.


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