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Tuesday, 01 March 2011

In latest news from the pond

The hazy look is rain

Actually, there's no news really. Even the persistent rain isn't news any more. I waded home from my lunch time student in my water wings. It's now practice for Jurgis to meet me at the door with towels. My little umbrella is finished. In the end, it wasn't worth keeping open. For a 4 buck cheapie, it's done quite well for itself. I'm going to miss the bright green. I have a black vulture ready to take over though.

Yesterday evening, I went out to my late student... got as far as the bus stop and waited.... and waited... and waited... I amused myself while waiting...

There's a manhole cover. The underground water forces them up into a fountain in the road

Let's just say it was wet!

It's usually dry under the huge rubber trees at my stop.
I was using my umbrella under the bus stop shelter.

I eventually waded back home. No go. I left a message with my student that there just are no buses. No wonder...

Photo taken from the news. This is the bus I was waiting for.
It was stuck far away from me.

These two photos were taken in our neighbourhood, though at the other end. We weren't as badly hit.

I'm intrigued. She's actually riding her bicycle through the water!

Feel free to browse more to get an idea of what it's been like here lately:
Some areas were very badly hit with cars completely submerged and a couple of landslides.

Not too long after I sent a message to my student, I got a text from him: "Don't come. It's flooded here." Uh... yes... I'd say!

My one student was saying that the rains of this year are the worst he has ever seen. I know that, for us, it's the worst we've had, though São Paulo is no stranger to rains and floods. It's a seasonal way of life here. This is constant though. We're well used to the 4pm sudden rain storm in summer, but this day in and day out rain and flood? Not nearly as much fun and very awkward, to say the least, for intrepid teachers like me to move heaven and earth to get to students - ok, not quite heaven and earth... make that 'wind and water'.

And speaking of students, I need to get back to preparing for young MF.

For those who're waiting, Tat won't be blogging in a hurry. I got a "My pc has a fatal error" message last night. She is less than impressed.


  1. Goodness that does look like a lot of rain you are having. We are also so used to the summer rains here, that used to come on clockwork, between 4h30pm to 6h00 pm and then the sun would shine again. This year we have had rains like I have never experienced it. It is like a tropical forest here by us lately.
    Thank you for sharing your life, a very amusing blog, well, I am not sitting in it, so can afford to laugh a bit. *grins*
    Hugs to you, have a lovely day and stay dry !!

  2. oh wow..i call the girl on the bike PERSISTENT! WINK!

  3. Tat gets a reprieve. I sure as heck hope you get one soon, too!

  4. Yes, the climate is changing all over teh world. This looks quite challenging...

  5. Is this weather normal for Brazil or are you experiencing more rain than usual?

  6. Naaaaasty! I bet rain on logs sounds nice though? Hang in there!

  7. Naaaaasty! I bet rain on logs sounds nice though? Hang in there!

  8. And people think it rains a lot here!!! Some have taken to calling this area "the wet coast", but in comparison to you, it is apparently still just the West coast.

  9. Wow! That's a hell of a lot of water! Looks like boats would be better than cars on those streets :-/

  10. Holy cow (and cows aren't holy)!!! That is an immense amount of water, how do you manage with it?? I'll take snow any day! Our flooding this spring is going to be pretty tough for those in the river valleys. What a crazy weather year.

  11. Since reading your rainy blogs I find myself complaining less about our weatther. Wet from reading. Picture(s) great


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