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Saturday, 26 March 2011

PC grief

The baby has been cleaned, wiped, fed, burped.... and I'm up and running... kinda. I still have to sort through the mass confusion that is my data to find vital files. In my panic, I baked up vital and irrelevant files all over the show. Then there's the job of finding out which files were duplicated and which are damaged.

On that subject, if you're ever curious about how much duplicated junk you have on your pc, DoubleKiller is a brilliant little (free) programme. You don't install it, but it searches your drive or folder and tells you what's duplicated. It's very accurate. I've used it many times. You check the duplicates and the programme deletes them for you.

I have found bunches of data, just not the most recent data... y'know... the important stuff. Yup... it goes like that.

While waiting for various tedious processes to be completed on my pc today, we took the dog, kicking and screaming to be washed. Ok, not quite screaming, but you'd swear he was off to the torture chamber. He got a decent brush too and feels sooo soft now and smells like a poof. Of course, our little bathroom had to be washed afterward. Man, that dog spread more hair than he has on him!

So yes, I'm back. I'm going to be spending most of Sunday preparing for the week. I now work most evenings too. Fun indeed! I have to figure out my schedule all over again - my calendar file has gone to the land of nod or someplace like that, along with most of my current student records. I'm going to try to pop around to blogs though. I may not be able to comment as much as I'd like though... but I'll try. In the meantime, it's Good to be Back!! =)


  1. Well, it is good to have you back!

  2. I'm so glad you're back! I was going to give you 'til Monday before I got desperate and reached out via text msg. :) I'm sorry you lost some of your data. :( Jeremy lost his entire work hard drive yesterday, too. Makes me EXTRA grateful I got my data back. I'd have lost every photo of Leslie's food since the big soup shoot. I'm glad to hear you have a sweet-smelling pooch and had to laugh at your comment on the bathroom. I remember giving Lucaya a bath in the bathtub. It always meant the bathroom would get cleaned, too. Same reason. haha.

    So glad you're back. Did I say that already? :)

  3. So good to have you back. Thanks for
    The double killer app. I have so
    many duplicates.
    I think I need mosy to store pictures on.
    I have so many pics and music. I
    have a 1 terabyte hard drive and a couple of
    Wish me luck.


  4. Good luck with your drive...hope it all turned out good.

  5. That looks useful! Thanks.
    I'm also doing work every night that the gods send.
    And I'm quite athoughtful friend - no blogs from me for you tocatch up on! :P

  6. it's good to have you back!! I can remember trying to wash Sophia in the bathtub...never again. Her fur clogged up the drain and I about herniated my back shoving her over the side of the bathtub. She weighed 120 lbs...From then on it was outside in the baby pool. She didn't really need bathing in winter. I brushed her a lot.

  7. YAY! Glad you are back and functional!

    We wash Max and he hides in shame for a couple of days afterwards. He hates being clean. The process doesn't bother him as much as being clean LOL Most dogs are happy to show off, not Max!

  8. I still find it to be exceptionally odd what we wind up taking for granted about our computers. You never know quite what you've got until it all freaks out!

    I do feel kinda obligated to backup all my stuff now for sure! Seems to be the season for computers to go "GLAAAARGH!" and internally fritz out!

  9. Good you are back ! How big is pooch ?? Washed Allie , the german shepherd and brushed her and had enough hair left over to make a small decent size dog out of LOL

  10. Welcome back! Had unfortunate things with my PC also and had to have it reformatted twice in the last several months ugh. Very important to keep back ups of what you hold dear.

    Hope your week goes well :)

  11. Happy for you and glad you are back On the face of it slightly scarred but very much intact.

  12. The poodle I had loved a shower so much I had to lock her away when I had mine or the next thing I knew I had this little wet face smiling up at me by my feet. Not the miniature foxie I have now though. I strip down so I can hold her down in the shower and shampoo her. Afterwards though, she is in ecstacy and hurls herself back again and again, kicking her legs in the air, on the towel I have spread on the deck after I have dried her.

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