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Sunday, 20 March 2011

That'll teach me!

Kippy, is it too late to apologise profusely for making fun of your Apple????

My data drive died this morning. All my information on my new students is gone. I can't print lessons or timesheets. Damn!
Damn! Damn! (pardon the French) Jurgis plugged our external backup drive in and now the pc won't boot up at all. I'm on his dinky little pc just letting the world (at least the world I now have contact with) know.  I need to get life back in that pc SOON. Tuesday morning starts the Skype classes.

I learned something about myself today.... I do well in a crisis. I'm the one who says, "Ok, let's all calm down and think this through." But... hand me a piddly crisis like a cut on the finger or burnt toast and I freak. Yep... that makes me weird.

Ok, back to my ironing... and washing floors... and dusting... while Jurgis tries to work miracles on my pc


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for a rapid resuscitation and successful recovery!

  2. Oh noooo!!! I hope this isn't catching!!!

  3. I feel very blessed to have my "new" laptop from Sam and Blue. This is the first time in a long time I haven't had problems. I know how you feel. xoxo

  4. Gaaaah *headdesk Never a dull moment, is there?

    Woooooosh. Amazing how much we rely on these suckers, isn't it???

  5. Oh no! I immediately thought what Katey thought, I hope it isn't catching! LOL I hope it is easily remedied!

  6. That's awful! Keeping everything crossed that Jurgis will be able to get some life back into your pc!

    *runs to make all kinds of back ups*

  7. Oh man, I am so sorry! You can be sure I empathize. :(

    I hope Jurgis can work those miracles!

    (and btw, I am exactly the same regarding freakouts. The bigger the issue, the better I handle it. Must be something in how our childhoods happened?)

  8. Come on Jurgis. Come on Jurgis. We are sending you good vibes here...

  9. Ugh.... I was typing out a response and my pc blue-screened :(

    As I was saying...

    The good news (HA!) is that I'm up and running (went on to eat those words). My data drive is gone.... totally... all data. All my student data for this year is gone, time sheets, schedules, contact details, the works. I had the info in my emails, but all my proof of my Skype classes is missing. Instead of the student signing the time sheet, I take screenshots of the time spent on the Skype call. I lost all my latest photos and some other stuff as well. I keep remembering more that is lost. What was that about backups???

    Thanks Deb... I'm not so sure about recovery, but I'm semi-resuscitated ; )

    Katey, that was my thought. Don't come too close... just in case, y'know.

    Kat, I remember you were having trouble too. I am a little tired of trouble in general.

    Jaime, I NEED this sucker! *cries* But... it's working.... kinda....

    Marty, I do hope it isn't catching too.

    Please, please, please back up, Riete... actually, let this be a lesson to everyone. BACK UP YOUR DRIVE!!

    Kippy, I bet you can! Not sure about my poor drive. We don't have the software to recover it. I'm not sure what explains the way I handle big or little crisis. You may well be right.

    Lois, the man is now snoring happily. I'll let him know to carry those vibes through to tomorrow ; )

  10. Oh no Tint that is horrible. I hear it
    is possible to recover info from your
    hard drive. But expensive.
    I will ask my Son he is studying this
    in university.

  11. oh no that sounds awful, is there no way of getting it back?? Gosh , I am going to do a back up of this silly thing quick before all my stuff goes into cyberspace, hope not catching like measles and stuff.

    hugs and good luck
    got a mountain of work to finish yet again.

  12. Oh no. :-( GET WELL SOON PC!!!


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