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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Stop staring!

Marty posted a hilarious video earlier. It reminded me of a t-shirt Tat bought for herself on her SA trip a few years back.

Tat was still modelling on and off at that point, though, as life got in the way, it was petering out. In the peak of her time as a model, she couldn't walk anywhere without drawing attention, no matter how frumpily or austere she'd dress. She's still like that. She has the most beautiful face and radiates 'simpatico', as the Brazilians put it. Sympatico is a bit like congeniality with a whole lot more friendliness and niceness thrown in. Back then, it was just more so, combined with a gorgeous figure and curves most Brazilian girls get implants for.

So the t-shirt, which, sadly, had absolutely no effect on the desired audience because it was in snarky English...

The photo is bad. It was one of the outtakes from a totally fun photoshoot I had with her - hey, I lived with a model I didn't have to pay! But you get the idea. It was in-your-face shocking pink: Stop Staring. Grow Your Own. Tat wore the t-shirt on the plane coming home. She'd quite forgotten it until one of the air stewards did a double take and packed up laughing. He then called the other stewards to show them. Talk about an in-flight ice-breaker! Tat really needs to tell the story herself. It was funny.

I loved that photo shoot, incidentally. I often flip through the photos. The postures and expressions go much further than just showcasing a pretty girl. It spoke of a relationship between us. To this day, I match her puzzled frown with "You want me to do what?!" and much goofy laughter. The photo above has Tat covered in cat and dog fur. She had been distracted by the cat walking past. We tried to get the cat into the photos, but had to settle for one of Tat's vast collection of teddy bears in the end.

Of course, I got some stunning photos out of the shoot (my opinion, naturally).

Not entirely photographic excellence, but...

My dreamer... tomboy... lady... 21 years old.... still with childlike wonder at life and beautiful inside and out. Oh ok... I just used the t-shirt as an excuse to show off *grins*


  1. I think I remember the last two...could it be? She is sooo photogenic!

    Kenz has a similar shirt and she has um, ...grown a bit too....(clears throat.) It says: Yes, I'm a girl, Yes I hunt and YES my rack is bigger than yours.
    I hate when she wears it!

  2. GORGEOUS photo of that gorgeous girl, how young she looks and now she is 21! AMAZING!
    PROUD that my video brought forth this blog~!

  3. Jule, Kenzie reminds me so much of Tat in so many ways. She's also very photogenic. I hope Tat doesn't see this post now. She'll want that t-shirt! I'm with you totally. I never liked Tat wearing the t-shirt to go out, but at home, it was fine and a good laugh.

    Marty, I think she was... um *checks* 17 when we took these photos. She's always been gorgeous : ) Thanks!

  4. I've always loved to photograph Kenz too. That grin! They are almost the same age. Kenz will be 21 June 1.

    Yes, if they'd just wear them at home. Didn't happen...sigh

  5. *laugh* It was the perfect excuse. :) You have every reason to brag.

  6. I agree with Kippy ! Every reason to brag. She is georgeous ! Lovely photo's and a lovely blog, thank you for sharing with us.

  7. I just love you guys. Such a fantastic relationship and both of you are beautiful women, inside AND out!!!!! <3

  8. I always feel akward when trying to read the text on a womans t-shirt... you have to stare and it's hard to pretend you're not.

  9. Kippy, I claim brag rights, but then, I'm very, very lucky to have her :)

    Marianne, if you only knew her. She's so much better in person!

    Aw, Jaime... *blushing* But yes, we have a fantastic relationship - and she knows better than to argue with me on that score =Þ

    Bert, wow.... I've never thought of it from a man's perspective! Thanks for that insight :)

  10. Sympatico is the perfect word to describe her!! :)

  11. You have every right to show her off and brag!


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