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Sunday, 20 March 2011

It's all numbers

I've been thinking of numbers a lot this week for one reason or another. On Thursday, I was rather melancholy and thoughtful....

"We're a quarter of the way through the year. I'm pretty much half-way through my life. In terms of my dreams and goals, the clock is ticking - very loudly. My life so far has been one of revving engines, tyres spinning in mud, occasionally moving a few inches ahead, even more occasionally moving ahead by a couple of feet - very often just sinking further into the mire.

My tendency to find humour in life has been a survival tactic. If I don't, the misery and, yes, bitterness may just swallow me up. Like many take a pill against what ails them, I take smiles, laughter and positive snippets daily, sometimes hourly. It's my 'silver bullet' against melancholy."
Thankfully, my inner ponderings were disturbed by the arrival of my student. I guess my point was that I felt I was running out of time to get to where I want to be. I've been accused of being Miss Glass-half-full before. I don't mind that, except that it doesn't always come naturally. It often takes a lot of work : )  Luckily, working on being happy isn't odious and it does actually make life a whole lot more tolerable.

So... numbers... for one, I don't mind getting older. I'll never be one of those people who celebrate their 29th birthday till they're 90. Age doesn't worry me. It never has. As a teen, I found it easy to get into age restricted movies... probably because I wasn't trying as hard as the other girls with high heels and makeup. I'd pitch up in jeans and trainers with no makeup and casually go in while they seethed in their dolled-up glory. Now, apparently, I don't look old enough to have a grown daughter *shrug* Hey... I earned this grey hair. It deserves recognition! *laugh*

Thanks so, so much for all the birthday wishes. It made me, once again, aware of how big my tapestry of friendship is. I had wishes from far and near... and even from some fairly unexpected sources. It did, however, make me miss my loved ones terribly. Thank goodness for technology! Of course, the day wouldn't have been complete without a 2 hour power failure. Jurgis woke me with a mug of coffee and a bowl of hot oats. Nice! My morning student had cancelled, so the day was pretty much free. For supper, I made us some crumbed chicken with roasted veg. I wanted to make the magic chocolate pudding, but the power failure nixed that idea. Yes, I do cook with gas, but the recipe was on my computer. Not a big issue. There was ample delicious cyber-cake going around ;)

More on numbers, I got a belated birthday gift today. My student this morning announced that the metro is finally open from 4:30am to 11:30pm!!! Now why didn't they tell me that last week. It would have made my logic puzzle sooo much easier to work out! It's an easy 20 minute walk to the metro and from there, a quick hop right into town. I've been waiting for this for years!

I stitched up a pair of shorts for Jurgis today. I've decided to turn the waffle weave fabric I posted about into a hooded cape for winter. It's just warm enough, I think, and I do love capes. It won't be a particularly long one, but hopefully it will be enough to keep this garoa off. Yep, we've gone from torrents into garoa... a fine, drizzly rain that swirls in all directions; thus rendering umbrellas quite useless. Tomorrow, I'll be preparing for the week. I have 2 confirmed new students and one half-confirmed. Then I have to reorganise my schedule and transport. I can leave for work a whole hour later!!! Yes, that is how much the metro cuts off my travel time!

Night everyone! Thanks again for making my birthday special : )


  1. You are a good writer, I found it easy to read and understand. Almost, as if, you sat before me to talk! What an awesome gift, I've not been able to attain. My 95-yr-old bf writes the most awesome letters. She's only been doing it, for 70 odd years! The title of your post caught my eye, numbers and math are the universal language. When a person cannot understand another, numbers speak volumes. Sadly our use of math, is what destroys us. How many people were there? How much money did they get? What is the highest and most I could reach for? Eh, we're human.

  2. The thing that us mud wrestlers have to remember is that all over the world people make wonderful houses made of the stuff. So we need to stop lamenting about being stuck in the mud and turn it into a triple story with balconies so we can see the other people who seem farrrr away in their green pastures ;)
    Such good news about the metro! AT LAST!!!

  3. So weird reading your thursday words. They echo my own life in a way that's pretty eerie, except it is kind of nice to meet a fellow 'kindred spirit'. I've lost a bit of my humour in the last four years, mostly to tiredness more than anything else. I'm not seeing the glass half empty, I'm just too tired to look at the glass! LOL But deep down I don't change. A friend commented that she goes through life digging through the horse poop saying, "There's got to be a pony in here somewhere!" Me? I'm more like the girl who has horse poop flung in her face and gets all excited that life is sending me a pony. Funny and sad, but that's what clowns are all about hey? the funny in the sad. ;o)

  4. In short, Tint: You are one of those online friends that makes spending time on Multiply worth while!

  5. In short, Tint: You are one of those online friends that makes spending time on Multiply worth while!

  6. YAY for the Metro!!!! Love your ponderings.

  7. I'm very glad we found eachother!! You're #1 !

  8. You're right that staying positive is not easy. We've discussed that before. I'm with you on the numbers. They don't matter near as much as frame of mind. I'm glad it wasn't a horribly dreadful birthday, as I know it could have been, without Tat nearby. I think a hooded cape is a great idea for that fabric!

  9. Birthday!?! I missed giving you Brilliant Birthday Wishes?!? Been a bit distracted for the last week...well, you have my Belated Brilliant Birthday Wishes, anyway!

  10. sometimes it's downright impossible. But there is always later, right?

  11. I love your positive chats, so easy to read and understand and relate to. Hugs my darling friend. I sure hope you can manage to pop home to visit soon, as you are one person I really really would love to meet in real life. Thoroughly agree with you about age, not important (just wish my back and knees were not so sore in the morning *grins*)

  12. totally agree on this one !


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