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Tuesday, 01 June 2010

The beauty in pollution

The early morning sun
pours its molten gold
over the dark city skyline
causing the dark grey
silhouette edge to shimmer

The sky lightens to a murky haze
its early glory
all but forgotten

Light fades and transforms -
Nature is not done with us yet!
Brushes dipped in fire and dust
she paints our world
in a cloak of splendour

For a while, all is right with the world as we gaze in awe


  1. Wow! Is that sunset by you, Tint?? How powerful!

  2. Loved it, loved the whole post -poem and pics!

  3. Lovely post and the photos! That sky is awesome even if it is seen through a haze of nastiness.

  4. Wow, great captures! Lovely poem as well!

  5. this world, with all its beauty, is worth fighting for!

    beautiful post!

  6. So beautiful.................................

    There is beauty in everything, isn't there?

    such a nice post ~

  7. Kippy, it wasn't our normal sunset. We often don't see the sun setting through the clouds and haze, just having a diminishing of light. As you can see by the structures in the distance, we live on the edge of the city and are bordered by industry. Definitely not the prettiest end of town, but oh, that sunset!

    Thanks Dani.

    Jules, strange how nastiness can be responsible for beauty.

    Thanks Faye

    Amalie, yes! This world is so very much worth fighting for!

    Yes, Libby. There is beauty in everything, sometimes where we forget to look.

  8. Well good for you for capturing it! It's amazing!

  9. Sure does look like it's on fire... great picture.

  10. Impressive...as always :D

  11. Unfortunately, [Kippy probably will agree with this one] we get the best sunsets when there's wildfires out and about. Nice. Thanks for the thoughts this morning, Tint.

  12. Thanks folks : )

    Kat, I've seen some of her fire photos. I think the same goes for sunsets in the desert... impressive displays. The sun sure knows how to make something good out of the not-so-good, doesn't it?

  13. Yes, very true my friend. At LEAST a pretty sunset, ha ha.

  14. Very true, there, Kathleen. I always watch for good sunset shots during fire season. :)

  15. STUNNING! The proverbial silver lining :-)

  16. Perhaps silver lining, Marty? ; )


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