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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Bits and bobs

Romany went for a bath this weekend. He came home, thankfully not smelling like a poefte (male of questionable orientation who uses too much Eew de cologne). It's a new pet parlour. They're nice there.

Specs is eating me out of house and home. Yes, I know it's winter, but... ! If she wasn't going on old-woman and definitely spayed, I'd think she was pregnant.

Lithuanian lessons are coming along quite well, all things considering... like the fact that it's a bleeping difficult language. Suddenly I'm finding many people online giving lessons. How nice. Thank you very much ; )

My heart is aching for my friends who are going through so much.

I teach on the road in a canary yellow VW Beetle. How cool is that? And in the process, we solve the world's problems.

My most basic student is finally making some progress with her English. Her kid is struggling at school. She asked me for suggestions. She's taken up my suggestions and is so excited. It's been fascinating to watch.

Sometimes words hurt. Sometimes it's easy to brush them off. Sometimes not. It's a lesson for me.... to watch what I say.

I really, really, really feel like some chocolate cake tonight.


  1. Tint, you are awesome.

  2. Yay for a non-poefte Romany. :D

    Any chance Specs has something wrong with her?

    I didn't know you were taking Lithuanian! Tell us something you've learned so far. :)

    Ugh. Me too! :(

    I am lost at the canary yellow VW Beetle part. haha.

    Thank goodness for people not only making progress, but actually LISTENING to you! That is awesome!

    Aw, sorry for the hurtful words. :(

    Oh man ... me too! *glances at the clock to figure if it's too late to run out at this point*

  3. Five Minute Chocolate Cake in a Cup. *nods

  4. Ingredients
    4 tablespoons flour
    2 tablespoons sugar
    2 tablespoons cocoa
    1 egg
    3 tablespoons milk
    3 tablespoons butter or oil
    ¼ teaspoon vanilla (or peppermint) extract
    1 tablespoon choc chips
    1 large mug

    Preparation method
    1. Add dry ingredients to the mug, and mix well.
    2. Crack an egg and add it to your mug. Be sure to mix it well to avoid any pockets of flour in the corners. Pour in the milk and oil and mix well. Add the vanilla extract.
    3. Pop your mug into the microwave & zap for 3 minutes on maximum power (1000watt). Wait until the cake stops rising, and sets in the mug.
    4. If necessary, run a knife around the sides of the mug, and tip the still warm cake out of the mug and onto a saucer.

    I, uh, use kahlua and chocolate chips in lieu of vanilla extract.

    add vanilla ice cream topped with moar kahlua or creme de cacao and life is good, baby.

  5. Oh sure, but now it's 9:20 so I'm turning into a pumpkin soon! *sigh* Tomorrow! ;)

  6. Sleep is the ultimate cake resistance mechanism ;o)

  7. bobs.........did I hear someone say Bob????? Where are all the Bobs? I thought there was a convention here. Well at least there is chocolate cake!!!!! Yum.

    Bob, Kippy's friend. :-)

  8. We love to make cake in a mug also, and add things like chocolate chips or a dash of brandy or other flavoring or liqueur also! It has gotten me through many bad times :-)
    I think that words are always the most powerful gift and weapon there is, and that actually people learn that early in life. Children learn how to hurt with them and then as adults we teach them that STCKS AND STONES CAN BREAK MY BONES BUT WORDS CAN NEVER HURT ME poem and while it is a good start and teaching them how to ignore and develop a bit of a hide and how to chose what actually matters, it is a dreadful lie, isn't it?
    My pets seem to go through eating spurts, my kids too. With the kids we call it a prelude to a growth spurt. When I do it, it's called a binge LOL
    Love to you today!

  9. LOL ... Eww the Cologne made me think of my dear grandmother, who always had a handkerchief (a tiny little one with lace) in her purse, sprinkled with it. Sundays in church we got a peppermint from her that tasted like Eww de Cologne. You get used to everything eventually, lol.

    What's with Lithuanian? Do you teach it or do you study it?

    Oh, a VW Beetle! My grandfather (married to the grandmother mentioned above) had a Beetle. We sort of inherited it when he wasn't able to drive anymore. My first memories of a car are that Beetle (I was about three at the time, lol)

    Words can hurt like hell! Just look at children who have heard negative or abusive words. They almost never get over that.

    Chocolate, oh my. If my doctor gets his way I never ever taste chocolate again ... sigh! (I'll blog about it ...)

  10. Did Romany at least get a bow? They should always gets a bow.
    Hmmm I can relate to Specs - and I don't have the excuse of Winter.
    Viva Lithuanian! Amandla!
    Me too!! Seems to be universal suckiness at the moment. You would think it would be balanced out a bit better!!!
    I love it when people actually take on board your ideas and advice.
    Gooi hulle met 'n rock.
    oooooooh I haven't had chocolate cake since ..... last week .... ;)

    What's it called??

  11. A bow, K?! Aren't we supposed to be dead busy outside the puter?! Hmmm Anyway, good idea, a red one! Or a blue one! Signalling he's smelling like [Jude Law] in that perfume ad.. *SIGH*

    Hope nothing is wrong with Specs!

    My! You always have an interesting mobile classroom, like the other time at the fancy shopping mall... The old Beetle is my favorite car!

    Riete, your grandma could go hands in hands with Romany before the bath?! Is that what you mean?! LOL

  12. Ack .. this brought tears to my eyes!

  13. Really! That is about the saddest thing that I've ever heard!

  14. Luckily a friend here told me that small amounts of dark chocolate have almost no calories. So that's a relief!

  15. Jaime, me?? *looks around... sees only one Tint* Uh... *blink*

    Kippy, Specs is hale and hearty... getting heartier and heartier by the day. She's a little like me, I guess (I avoided saying that).
    Erm... what have I learned so far? I've learned that the Lithuanian language has very very long, complicated words!

    VW beetle:

    Jaime, I love you, but we don't have a microwave ;) I'll just think about eating it instead then, shall I?

    There's a cake resistance mechanism out there???

    Bob, I know a few Bobs and they're all fairly strange people. Are you strange too? Yes, I know who you are, from Kippy's pages and the wedding and so on.
    Cake is always free here.

    Marty... I want cake now... with liqueur, but heck, if the cake's not available, I'll take the liqueur =D
    You're so right about words. I've always cried easily, but I have a high physical pain threshold. Words hurt.
    Methinks Specs is binging. I don't binge. I eat for... uh... health... yes! That's it... health. I mean, some people sip brandy for health, right?

    Rita... eew... Cologne flavoured mints *shudder*
    Poor you!
    I'm studying Lithuanian. It's difficult!!
    I love VW beetles. I think everyone has a memory associated with them. They seem to be memory cars.
    You'd know very well the effect of words on children.
    I'm off to see your blog. I'm so far behind on friends' blogs.

    Katey, Romany got a green and yellow tie (in 'honour' of the world cup).
    I have no excuse either. This so-called winter doesn't count.
    Amandla and all that... *nods*
    Definitely a universal suckiness. I think the world has gone topsy turvy.
    Hoe vêr moet ek hulle gooi?? ; )
    Last week was a LONG time ago!

    Dani... Who's Jude Law? Bet he stinks.
    Nothing's wrong with her, except a very healthy appetite.
    I teach all over the show... and often in strange locations and situations. Makes life interesting.

    Three cheers for dark chocolate!! 126 calories for 25g

    Bed time for me...
    Labas naktis! Lik sveiki!
    Good night! Stay well!

  16. Labas naktis! I like that. :) 'night Tint. )

  17. I would like to change the world in a canary yellow VW. Can I come along?

  18. Tint, I do think of myself as an artist and most artists have a slightly skewed view of life though I'm much more conservative and mainstream than most. So yes, I'm a little strange and so is my little Bob who is also a good artist and fancies himself a comedian. Poor kid! :-)

  19. I came back to comment but after reading Jaime's recipe for chocolate cake in a cup I fainted clean away....
    Totally snagged for future... ahem... research.

    I love that yellow VW although I have a fondness for the old style.

  20. Let me introduce you to Mr Jude Law, one of the hottest short guys on Earth (in my humble opinion ;)...

  21. Ah, nice to be up-to-date with your life. You are a busy lady and deserve that 5 minute chocolate pudding right now!

    The first car I actually bought myself, (a dollar down a dollar a week) was a beetle - loved it with a passion.

  22. Kat, if I get a canary yellow VW, you are most welcome to join me in solving the world's problems. It's far easier to solve world problems than my own anyway =Þ

    Bob... the other Bobs I know aren't artists ; ) They're just... uh... different.

    Emmm, did you try the cake in a mug? I like the old style VW too. I never thought I'd like the modern one, but this one is cute.

    Dani, he's a tad scrawny for my taste *grins*

    Lois, no microwave, so I won't be making that pudding/cake, though the idea is growing. I may have to indulge in some chocolatey goodness before the night is out. Most people who've owned those cars swear by them.


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