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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Bits and bobs


Romany went for a bath this weekend. He came home, thankfully not smelling like a poefte (male of questionable orientation who uses too much Eew de cologne). It's a new pet parlour. They're nice there.

Specs is eating me out of house and home. Yes, I know it's winter, but... ! If she wasn't going on old-woman and definitely spayed, I'd think she was pregnant.

Lithuanian lessons are coming along quite well, all things considering... like the fact that it's a bleeping difficult language. Suddenly I'm finding many people online giving lessons. How nice. Thank you very much ; )

My heart is aching for my friends who are going through so much.

I teach on the road in a canary yellow VW Beetle. How cool is that? And in the process, we solve the world's problems.

My most basic student is finally making some progress with her English. Her kid is struggling at school. She asked me for suggestions. She's taken up my suggestions and is so excited. It's been fascinating to watch.

Sometimes words hurt. Sometimes it's easy to brush them off. Sometimes not. It's a lesson for me.... to watch what I say.

I really, really, really feel like some chocolate cake tonight.

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