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Friday, 11 June 2010

A nation of extremes

Every road I walk down either has ribbons over my head or paint underfoot. No one talks of anything else. If there's a television, there's a crowd. Yes, world cup has arrived again. I tend to try and ignore it, aside from appreciating the effort that has gone into painting and beribboning roads, but tonight...

I just read a news article:

Aguenta, coração!

Cardiologistas fãs de futebol dão dicas para você segurar a emoção durante os jogos da Copa.

Cardiologists are warning fans not to overexert themselves with emotion during the World Cup. I believe it. Football is more than a religion here. Jurgis grew up on stories by his parents of Brazilians throwing themselves off buildings during big matches.

Extreme much?


  1. Not at all. Fanaticism is off-putting at best. I do like the street decorations though, but that's where it stops.

  2. Craziness! I am so NOT into sports, I think it would drive me insane.

  3. Heck life can be too grim for some people - fun to have something to have a fiesta about. But saying that...I avoid the football fever.

  4. p.s fabulous photograph.

  5. Kippy, I'm with you there all the way.

    Lois, it can't be good to live at such extremes.

    I must mention here... the photo wasn't taken by me. It is from our news here. I plan to go out with the camera this weekend, weather permitting. It needs just the right kind of day to show up the painted roads and the plastic ribbons overhead.

  6. One word that's really three...: LOL!

  7. Expressive much, Tat? ; )

  8. I like the scene. I think perhaps it's much more than a soccer match, yes? Community, consensus building...a way for the country to forget it's current problems and unite...I donno. I don't do it so I'm not too sure how it works, ha ha. :)

  9. I know what you're talking about!!! They're highly patriotic and they know they're the masters of football, so... they won't accept a defeat! Get ready for more if they win!!! haha

  10. *sheepish I can't say much, I thoroughly enjoy getting swept away in the excitement and drama of sports where a HUGE group of people are pulling for the same team. It's fun, it's frustrating, it's insane... I just looove it.

    I DO however, wish that people still came equipped with the Manners and Moderation mindset (it seems to have been one of those human coding things that became extinct in the early 1980s, possibly suffocated out of the population due to spandex or overexposure to hypercolor t-shirts). Manners and Moderation (M&M of the personal, not candy variety) is one of those things where when the team loses, people take it with disappointment, but respect and grace. When someone cheering for the other team is around, they are playfully teased, but not demeaned or belittled.

    Having fun with a team and pride in a sport is wonderful.

    Being cruel or taking things to excessive extremes is not.

  11. I have friends here watching every game in some way! I am not a big sports gal with a few huge exceptions as Kippy can tell you! But I love how a country can come together over something positive.

  12. Extreme YES! ..and I thought this was a football town.

  13. Getting crazy excited, yes. But killing oneself?


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