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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Pigs ears and sugary deliciousness

Here they call them 'palmiers'. Back home, we called them 'pigs ears'. Who cares? They're good! I found a weekly fix. There's a biscuit seller in the street market near my young student on a Wednesday that sells these bits of bliss and they're fresh and crunchy and buttery and sugary. Did I say they're good?


It more than made up for the rest of our eating today. We found some relatively cheap fish. I've been craving fish. Fish is hellaciously expensive here, so we never really get it. We decided a fish braai (bbq for those not in the 'know') would be just the ticket.

Can we say flakey cardboard? Pfewy! It was awful! We stuffed the fish with tomato, onion, herbs, spices, and all things tasty. The filling was nice... the fish... ghastly.

Just so you know, this is what a fish braai is meant to look like:
Thank you to Shane for the inspiring blog of what we miss so much.

I'm busy transferring and backing up mountains of data from what feels like centuries ago. There are plenty of "Wow! What on earth was I doing with that?!" moments. Why do I keep it all? I haven't looked at this stuff since the initial backup years 'n years ago. I should, of course, be planning my lessons for the week... and translating ghastlygynea (sic) stuff for tomorrow morning. I need a prepared script... in Portuguese... because my translator is sitting in England and the prospect of taking Jurgis, however capable as a translator, into the gynea's office with me is rather... uh... no... ain't gonna work. Yep... taking myself off for my once-a-decade visit to a lady doc.

I did no Lithuanian study this weekend. Bad. In fact, come to think of it now... I've done very little of anything remotely useful this weekend. Looking at everyone else's blogs, you've all been so busy. Must be the summer weather up there. Here it was just another middling warm day. Winter? Hmph!


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