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Wednesday, 09 June 2010



I stood where I couldn't see the future, but it came anyway
and it was the future I wanted
and needed

See... it's like this...

Near home is the bus stop. Two buses come by there, taking vastly different routes. When I got to the bus stop, there was a chill wind blowing along the river and a mom with what seemed like a hoard of unruly, noisy kids. Where I was standing I could see a few kilometres down the road to see the oncoming traffic and, naturally, oncoming buses.

I looked and couldn't see any buses at all. The kid picked up some litter, then threw it down again. The other kids were yelling among themselves as unruly kids are wont to do. On a whim, I decided to go to the next bus stop around the corner. It would be peaceful there, albeit less pretty.

Courtesy of Murphy's Law, the bus I was to take pulled up behind me just as I approached the corner. I knocked on the door, hoping for a kind driver. Many will let you on at a corner. This driver ignored me completely. He didn't wait at the bus stop either, as most other drivers would do, so muttering curses under my breath, I stood waiting for the next bus. A man stopped to ask for directions. The sun was warm. There was a breeze causing the towering eucalyptus trees to sway in the distance. Not so bad.

A few minutes later, the bus arrived. There was actually seating. As I got on and headed for my seat, it occurred to me that the previous bus would have contained the noisy hoard I was trying to get away from and the next bus didn't take too long to follow anyway. Seems he was doing me a favour.

Those who know me, know I spend probably far too much time stewing over the future... but today, I realised that the future is going to come anyway, probably in spite of me and what's more, it will probably be just the future I want and need... sooner than I expect. A load was taken off my mind today and the 'future' ball is once again rolling. Worth a celebration, don't you think?


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