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Tuesday, 15 June 2010


Dogs! Argh! We're into day 2 of our regional water cut. The pleasant enough,but extreeeeemly slow chap at the water department said it was due to a burst water mains and water would be restored the same day. That was yesterday.

The air is dry. There are pollution warnings out. This photo is from our local news. The airport is on a 'fly only if necessary' due to the pollution.

This photo is from a different news agency. Apparently admissions to hospital have increased by 70% today due to respiratory issues.

Our water system is here complicated. We run off a cistern on the roof. This is because of the city's frequent water cuts. A storage box of water means that, during a cut, we still have water for a while. That's all good and well, but.... unless we go outside to the yard wash tank, which is fed directly from the street, we have no idea the water has been cut or if it's been restored.

Enter dog.

The son of a second-hand sea sausage used the standing space in front of the water tank as his personal WC! Let it be known that I leave home by torch light - It was dark when I checked the status of our water supply!

Apparently, I will have plenty of luck today, especially since I couldn't wash it off.

Does this look like the face of evil terrorism??


  1. Bad, bad terrorist puppy!!!!
    Sorry bout your pollution problem. SLC is a valley that turns into a nasty toilet bowl that won't flush during a temperature inversion...so it keeps the pollution pressed towards the ground. Haven't had any yet this summer, but towards the end of it, I suspect it will be nasty out. Have a good one dear!

  2. awww...I'd laugh but it's not funny (except from the dog's point of view). You can tell he's very sorry.

  3. What a face! You know, Tint.... He looks like he would attack and eat a tomato plant to me.

  4. and he looks so neglected on that soft blanket.

  5. Kathleen (to differentiate), the pollution has been horrible. I've been coughing all morning. My student and I hacked our way through class this morning. Blegh! Oh for clean air.

    Kat, he's not in the least sorry. The photo is from a few days ago. The little swine is sitting here basking his whatsits in the winter sun.

    Marty, he's demolished my wannabe beans and my precious lemon balm. I tell you, he's evil!

    Kat LOL Soooooo neglected. Pitiful, in fact... the little wretch!

  6. I'm startled by those photos! We have some of this, but nothing at all that comes close to there.

    Amnesty for the darling, 'naughty'...AMNESTY!

    p.s. Who's gonna know if I slip a few seeds in an envelope, huh? (Lem. B) :)

  7. aww tint...this pollution looks dangerous. it simply saddens me to see this.
    now i understand your comment to my blog better, i think.

  8. Jules, to be honest, the photos shocked me too. From below, it's the usual murky skies. Looking from the top... wow! Amnesty has been granted... but he's still a wretch =Þ

    Amalie, I'm going to post another blog, then you'll see why I said what I did : ) The pollution here breaks my heart (and lungs). I hate what they're doing to this beautiful country.

  9. An adorable wretch though. Makes me miss Maddie today. Sure would like to go walking with her....:(

  10. Aw ((Hugs)) I know you must miss her terribly.

  11. It's easing a bit really, it doesn't blind side me as hard as last winter and I'm learning that I love to run. Couldn't do that with her so much. She always wanted to stop or take long detours. A lining for every cloud I guess.

  12. It's a tough one.

    You're running? Brave girl : )

  13. The sky is atrocious there! Oh, I wish it could be cleaned up! And a water cut.... Wish I could send you a cloudfull of our water, at least to fill the cistern. We've had rain all week, and then some.

    Naughty puppy. Teach him to read, then post a sign to designate HIS area of the yard to use as a WC.

  14. Wow -sad wow- that is pollution at its best expression... Impressive pics!
    It sounds as if the city is not prepared for a large community, which is not very different from here, though ;(
    What is a "second-hand sea sausage?"
    Romany looks so sad because of the water issue! I love his pitch black claws !!

  15. Sorry to butt in, but I should ask.. I got mine confiscated and they never arrived!
    Just to avoid you the inconvenience..

  16. Aw, I'm sorry about the pollution AND about the water! *laughing* at Marty's smartassed comment. haha. Let's never get Romany and Dante together, ok? Who KNOWS what they'd accomplish together?! ;)

  17. Faye, the pollution in general is atrocious. It's not usually this bad, as the regular rains help, but we've hit a dry spell this week. I'll take your cloudfull though : ) Romany won't read while he has others to read for him. He's all of 10 years old now... or maybe 9. I forget. Either way, he's a dog that knows what he wants and how to get it. Oh... and how to get away with murder.

    Dani... uh... a second-hand sea sausage is an expression I use when I want to curse, but being polite overrides the need to curse ; ) It's better than saying a son of a bitch, but then again, he is the son of a bitch, so... =Þ And on the seeds, I have received seeds here before, nasturtium seeds and gem squash seeds. I still plant the nasturtiums, but the gems didn't do well at all. It's a risk though and not really worth it right now.

    Kippy... *laughing* Thing is, both dogs know how to seriously plead innocence.

  18. Wow... That's pollution. Sure can't be healthy to breath. Can you hold your breath until it's over?
    Lisa's water supply in Cancun is similar. Once a day the city turns on the water for a few hours to fill all the individual houses storage tanks at each house in a neighborhood. Then the water must be pumped from the storage tank to a cistern on the roof.

  19. haha true.

    Oh really! You got the seeds?! When was it, so long ago?! Maybe, Brazil is different to Argentina in that aspect. I've been told at the Post Office that they surely had gone confiscated! Grrr

  20. Arrrgh!

    I have the opposite issue (though the pollution is still a problem, but not as severe I don't think!) we're drowning in humidity. Everything in the house feels damp! Can't breathe, uncomfortable... I swear, water is thiiiiiis close to starting to bead on surfaces it's so WET.

    Trading would be good. Little bit o' your dry for a little bit o' this wet?!

  21. Bert, the funny part is that I do often walk along holding my breath. I can't stand diesel, petrol, oil, and alcohol fumes, not to mention all the other vileness the city offers up in terms of smell. I remember Lisa mentioning the cisterns when I posted about them a long time ago.

    Dani, a lot has to do with how it's sent. Every package is scanned, then packages are randomly selected for further scrutiny. One day, I can receive an 'illicit' item with no hassle, then the next, a package with innocent stuff spends 3 months getting to me and goes via 4 different government departments *shrug* It's the South American way, no? ; )

    Jaime, we have the humidity at all other times. This dryness comes in spates during winter. I hate humidity with a passion! I love dry air, but then there's the pollution. Can't win for losing. I don't want the wet. I want the rain. There's a difference =Þ

  22. Hmmm I think so.. Anyway!
    May I ask you.. How d'you do that with the fonts?! How d'you write in bold or italics?!

  23. I use html, Dani...

    <b>INSERT TEXT HERE</b> = bold
    <i>INSERT TEXT HERE</i> = italics
    <u>INSERT TEXT HERE</u> = underline

  24. Ohhhhh thank you!!

  25. That looks horrid. My sympathy. Too bad it takes so long to get mail to Brazil, I have oodles of Lemon Balm.


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