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Friday, 07 January 2011

2011 in all its glory

The year has just started and I'm already behind! Goodness only knows how many blog posts behind I am. It looks like some of you have been on vacation and typing away madly.

The year has started with student pile-ups. Picture a street crossing where one car blocks the way, then another drives into that one and another and so on. Everyone is having a hassle of some sorts. I've taught exactly one class this week, but the whole week has been dedicated to student-related bureaucracy. Blah!

The weather is delightful. I'm enjoying it. Ok, only half enjoying it. It's hot, but it's raining and I love the rain. Not everyone loves the rain, though... and with good reason. I'm not embedding the video this time, but here's our weather for today. Where we are, we're just above the flood line, thank goodness.


In between trying to sort out students, I have been trying to complete a now-long-overdue project. It's consuming my every waking minute. I can't talk about it though, because the recipient may read this blog. I hope the recipient in question will appreciate my lack of sleep, food, social life, etc to complete this - ok, that is aside from essential procrastination time (necessary for survival, I think). Recipient, if you don't, I'll go there personally and ring your scrawny neck.

I feel better now =Þ

I have made numerous resolutions for the year. A couple are doing well. Not bad for going onto day 8. Even I'm impressed. My biggest resolution involves a whole lot of dreaming, believing and just plain faith. Keeping my fingers crossed.

To anyone who may receive a Christmas card from me before June, please ignore the Christmas part and enjoy the new year's wishes. If the cards arrive after June, just ignore them completely. By then, the new ones will be in the making. I swear... I think I'll mail them in June this year. Or maybe I'll just live somewhere where the postal system is worth something?

Hm... here's a nice project: Krochet Kids - I like what they're doing, except I do wonder about the making of very winter stuff in hot Uganda... unless you're up on the mountain.

Random riddle: What does a bubble and a bruise have in common?


  1. LOVED your first post of the year!!! I'm doing the Ten-Days thingy (you might have seen around), but I was writing a quite similar post before getting into that... Similar in the positive vibes, actually.. let's keep it positve eh! We'll be fine. And yes, you WILL live somewhere where the post works by next season's greetings. Keep on dreaming. And oh, I'm so intrigued now! Good luck with that top secret project and let us know if we need to go and punch anyone, ok?!

    *No idea what they have in common :S*

  2. Damn students!

    "Scrawny" neck ... rules me out, but I think I know who it is, anyway. ;)

    I'll try to help you with the positive outlook ... 'til you wanna deck me!

  3. That Kippy can be pretty damn positive, but that is why I love her! (ducks and runs pretty fast for a gal with a bad hip!)

    I love this post and am glad that you made time for us with all that is going on! I am not big on making resolutions, I have enough stress and fear of failure LOL I look for other ways to set my goals!
    I hope the next few months are happy and busy ones filled with many students (in one piece I guess I should specify!) and good times for you two as well!

  4. Perhaps we should encourage everyone to NOT appreciate, just to be able to get you to visit! ;o) I know, I know - if we all had bazillions of dollars, we'd visit every weekend, right?! <3

    I loooove the rain too (which is why we do so well in Whidbey, really ;o) ) though it's been oddly clear most days - glad the rainy windiness is back now! I was beginning to wonder if we moved back to the wrong state or something.

    Bubbles and bruise both start with B and they both get a little rainbowy and they both can take on weird shapes and they both have vowels and are nouns?

    I canNOT believe it's 8 days into the new year. Ye gads. *holds on to 2011 with both hands* Don't let go - it's gettin' awaaaay!

  5. Happy New Year...:)

    Hmm a bruise and a bubble...??

  6. Not fair you have to deal with bureaucracy if you don`t get the work! But it sounds like you`re in a good space. Wave.

  7. Enjoy the rain.
    I wish I could say we had good postal services - but I bet they're better than Brazil so I won't say anything ...

  8. Happy new year, Tint! I wonder if you will move to Europe this year?

  9. I've been here a few times to read and re-read. I just keep drawing a blank about what to say. Could this be comment-block?

  10. I also can't think what a bruise and a bubble have in common except for both start with B? But that can't be it...maybe...both come from a blow?

  11. good morning and welcome back.. happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy new year!


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