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Wednesday, 26 January 2011


I'm itching from head to toe. Enough with the mosquitoes already. I look like I have measles : (

One of my newer students (started just before Christmas) gave me a belated Christmas gift - a hand embroidered face towel. It's beautiful. I only teach her and her son because of her cat though ; ) He's a huge, friendly, absolutely gorgeous ginger! I keep threatening to take him home with me. I think the towel was a trade-off.

I have two new students. Both seem very nice. One is close to home and the other a Skype student. Now if my old students would just come back. They all seem to be on extended vacations.

I feel as though I've been talking about religion all week. Weird that.

The road at my bus stop... The tar is washed away in many parts,
leaving the original cobble stones showing through.
I love the cobble stones, but they're treacherous in wet weather.

Yesterday, the roads were very wet with random ponds. The heat had evaporated the worst, plunging us into our daily sauna. You could see the mud-water flood mark had reached above the car tyres at the metro station. Shop owners were sweeping mud out of the shops. My student told me of friends whose homes were flooded out. We're so lucky where we are.

Today was a public holiday - São Paulo's birthday. I didn't achieve too much. Prepared for little miss for tomorrow, went through a couple of cases of stuff, read some blogs and generally pretended to be really busy.

The cat is lying sprawled on the dog's blankie. Dog is sulking at my feet, though, in fairness, he's using the cat's soft-foam box as a pillow. Good trade. She never uses it anyway.


  1. Perhaps you're just empathizing with Tat re: mosquito bites? :)

    I love the pic of the cobblestones showing through the tar, even if it is treacherous. It's beautiful. :)

    Happy Birthday, Sao Paulo. Wheee. :) Poor cat-dog negotiations have broken down. hehe. We simply have one sprawled, snoring, on the couch and the other sprawled, snoring louder, on the bed.

  2. I love the road photo too.

  3. That's one nice thing about winter... no mosquitoes

  4. I am very thankful our mosquitoes are in a frozen state right now. I'll do an obligatory scratch for you, though :)

    Hand-made gifts are nice! Yay for the new students that don't require hours of travel to be with them! When Moe was a kitten, she'd take over Ben the dog's bed, and he'd slink off somewhere else. Now why would he let a pip squeak intimidate him?? Well, now they sleep together at times, and she's laid claim to a favorite box and storage tub elsewhere. Pets are so fun!

    I love cobble stone streets.

  5. Oh, I love cobble stone streets. We have quite a few here, especially in the older parts of town.

    So sorry about the mosquitoes. As I tell the kids here in summer ... "don't scratch, keep them cold." It doesn't work of course but it's the thought that counts ... they feel like I've taken it seriously ;)

  6. How is Tat doing with the chicken pox? And if you've been talking religion all week, I missed it!!

  7. Is there something shifty going on? The Aussies are also on holiday! They also have floods and mud. There must be a pipe between you both. ;) Happy Sao birthday!

  8. i'm freeing my tootsies off over here! :)) i love the cobblestone too. we still have a few historic cities around here like that. geez...i missed your religious talks and tat having chicken pox! :P sorry. :((

  9. oh that is nice of him.. good new student coming into your life...

  10. Kippy, no... I had the bites before she got her big CP =Þ I beat her! I personally prefer the cobblestones... even if they're a swine to walk on. They're cooler in summer too, but the cars and trucks slip on them in wet weather.

    Cherie... :)

    Bert, I'd give my hind leg for some winter!

    Faye, freezing mosquitoes sounds so appealing. Pity they thaw ; ) Funny you mention the dog and the pipsqueak... even our most 'vicious' big rottweilers would give way to a tiny, spitting, clawing kitten.

    Riete, I love them too. By the way, I've found that, when you have nothing else on hand for the itch, cold does work. On really hot days, the itching becomes unbearable and after a shower, it's so much worse.

    Kat, she's over it. It pretty much went away in time for her to fly. She's now loving Ireland. She still has the scabs though, but the ex-model in her has the makeup for that down pat. By now you'll know what I was getting at with the religion comment : )

    Katey... do the Aussies have mosquitoes too? In that case, there definitely is something funky going on.

    Kimmy, trade you some of this heat. It's unrelenting! There were no religious talks. There are now... kinda ; )

    Kind of who, Tori?


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