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Sunday, 09 January 2011

Busy and quiet

Random old zoo photo... or is it a self-portrait?
It says something that I went to type 'hippi' instead of 'hippo' when naming the file.

I woke up to no power this morning. It finally came on just after noon. This is one time I'm grateful we cook on gas. Usually I don't like gas, but for reliability with our unstable power, it can't be beaten.

While the power was out, I made a little something to go with the project that is going to the previously mentioned scrawny little neck. We also cleared out some more stuff and put more into the donation box.

I have an interview on Wednesday. I'm not in the least nervous. I know it will go well. It's just details after all, right?

I had a long chat with Hamish yesterday. It was fun. We laughed a lot. I'm happy for him. Very happy. Even if he sees shapes in flowers ; )

I may cave and do that 10 things thing.

Someone make me work!!! Please?


  1. This made me grin HUGE! Just make sure that table behind you is clean. :D

  2. I love a gas stove, and wish I had one. Alas, I have an ancient electric. It works, so I can't complain.

    Do you really want to work?? Ok ok...GET TO WORK.

  3. Kippy, the table now houses a donations box *laugh*

    Kat, I'm back here reading comments, so I'm not working. I hate cooking on gas. I'd give anything to have my old electric stoves again. The only plus is instant temperature changes when you're doing something like frying. For baking, it sucks.

  4. I always had just the opposite luck! I can't bake worth a crap (cookies etc) in this oven. My gas ovens always worked great. I guess that's why they make both!!


  5. I think the hens would like to have a Hippo around to sit on. ? ?

  6. One hippo, two hippi ....
    Hope you enjoy the interview.
    It's a mix over here of gas and electric.
    Whew ..... lots of pressure on the scrawny little neck .... you don't want a free stay courtesy of Her Majesty do you??

  7. good luck on the interview..

  8. Great hippo photo! I prefer my gas stove over an electric, especially if the power were to go out. Actually, we have both a gas and electric stove; one to use when there's plenty of sun and wind power coming in, the other when it's not. I had an Amish teenage girl at my old house once, marveling at my gas stove, saying that she thinks it would be much easier to cook with a wood fired stove than gas. We all have our preferences. Best wishes on the interview!

  9. good luck with the interview - it will be successful !

  10. Awesome pic of hippo! Your interview will be great! NOW WORK!!!

  11. Hippos are strange creatures. I saw a National Geographic show featuring bad lion juveniles who were dumb enough to attack a full grown male hippo. Needless to say, the hippo won.

  12. Kat, I was reading some reviews on a forum dedicated to the subject and the consensus seemed to be that it was great for stove top, but lousy for baking. I think having a thermostat that actually works would help though ;)

    Bert, hippos don't mind birds at all.

    Katey, perfect! Hippi! I had to laugh at Jurgis yesterday, "I hope we'll understand them." I'd love a free stay courtesy of Her Majesty. Put a good word in for me, will you?

    Thanks Tori.

    Faye, gas is great for places where power isn't stable. We're grateful for it here. Today is the first day here that we haven't had a power failure this year. I think it would indeed be easier to use gas than wood, but the smell gets me and the danger that goes with gas.

    Thanks Annette!

    Michelle... thanks... I need to get to work : )

    Kat, hippos are incredibly aggressive and very, very powerful. Can't deny they're absolutely adorable though : )

  13. According to our one source in the electricity department, the city is 30 years behind on maintenance. All the power cables and boxes are shot. It's not that surprising then.


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