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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Seffie goodies

NOW they tell me! I see Amazon.com has a South African section too.

Should be illegal, I tell ya!

I would do much to have a Hunters Gold in front of me now *sigh*

This made me laugh! I had the whole ".... but you're white!" comment earlier when I went shopping.


  1. pics are coming here soon, i assume?

  2. Haha. This looks dangerous! ;) The T-shirt is cute.

  3. Amalie, it's a part of Amazon.com or .co.uk with South African products. The pics are there.

    Kippy, it's probably a good thing that I can't order anything from Amazon *laughing*

  4. yes, but i was sure you were planning to make some of the food?

  5. Wow, that's near heaven for you, isn't it?

  6. Ah no : ) I have no access to any of that food and my personal parlour is looking a little bare right now. Our 'traditional' food would be braai (bbq) in this heat... not something we can do right now.

    Riete, it is, but I have no access to it, which, as I said to Kippy, is probably a good thing LOL I could do serious damage to a credit card with that kind of shopping.

  7. luckily my account has been frozen!!! LOL..maybe by tomorrow I will be over the worst of this addictive site

    thanks so much Tint


  8. You're most welcome, Heather dear. Have a Kleenex....

    Besides, I have a strict policy of not suffering alone ; )

  9. I've been fairly not tempted to order anything lately. Christmas did me in---I did most of my shopping online.

  10. FLINGS!!!!
    Maybe when I move I can go and visit the Seffie shop again *dramatic sigh!*

  11. I am wondering if they deliver to Bakersfield

  12. Wow! I had no idea Amazon had a Saffa section either! There's a very good on-line site here... oh to have the money to splurge...

  13. now remember girls, you have a friend in the RSA. If you need anything or are homesick for anything that can be posted, just shout !!! I know what it is like to be totally deprived of home comforts. Got parcels posted for many years with certain Danish foods that were unobtainable here in South Africa, and will gladly forward that favour to someone else. Big Hugs to you all !!

  14. Kat, I very rarely order online... in fact, I very rarely order at all =Þ

    Katey.... FLINGS!! That was my reaction too! *salivating*

    Heather, I'm sure they do. Amazon.com delivers there, don't they?

    Kerry, I'm with you all the way... but I dream : )

    Marianne, you'd have to open your own import/export company haha! Thing is, most of these folk have Seffie shops fairly nearby. Brazil has diddly squat! Eh... I need to move to civilization... ; ) Now what I'd love to have is the smell of the bush. Think you could ship me some?

  15. Thank you for the recipes.Always miss the SA desserts and such at Christmas -


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