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Friday, 31 December 2010

Anyone got parsley?

.... for my ears, that is (ref: Asterix the Gladiator)

Text is a little fuzzy, so this is what it says:
Right! I've thought of a way to counter the bard's secret weapon... we all stuff our ears.
With what?
Parsley. There's plenty of it around.
Parsley in my ears? I don't fancy that. I'll feel like something out of a butcher shop.
Now back into ambush! When I give the signal we all attack the bard!
Not up your nose, idiot!
Soon afterwards...
Now.... what shall I sing next?

The neighbours came over earlier to "We hope you don't mind, but we're having a party." Now if we did mind, would that change it? Their speakers are no more than 3 metres away from my chair and they're LOUD. Jurgis and I have given up all hope of conversation. The music is varying between Gaga, rave, rap, some foreign-language stuff that I can't place and punctuated with the other neighbours' fire crackers. It's going to be a Loooong night.

It's a few minutes before midnight here. I managed to clean house somewhat today... at least cleaner than it's been in a while, but there's so much else I wanted to do. I have a couple of blogs in draft. They get started and something more important comes along. Perhaps I'll finish them yet, but I'll be spending the weekend in lesson prep. Yep... back to the grindstone on Monday morning.

Ah... I need a hermitage... and chocolate! They're now singing along very loudly and very badly (they don't remotely know the words) to Everybody's been kung fu fighting. At least the actual song is better than some of the dronk verdriet we've been listening to. Dronk verdriet, by the way, is the kind of music you listen to when drunk and end up crying over your shoelaces.

Eight minutes to go... wonder when the party will wind down...

Happy New Year, my friends!! 2011 is going to be AWESOME!!! Just believe it!


  1. Happy New Year, Tint ... hopefully tomorrow will be very quiet. I figure they'll all be nursing headaches, so YOUR party should be tomorrow. Early. Tell 'em your custom is to ring in the new year the next morning. ;) Not that I'm vindictive or anything.

    I really enjoy Asterix. :)

    Wish I could teleport you here. I'm sitting in the Library, scanning photos, drinking coffee, eating cookies. Quiet, with some new age classical in the background.

    2011 is going to ROCK .. I think you're right. :)

  2. I'm believing too.

    so tomorrow morning...crack of dawn (or whenever you wake up) crank up the boom box and start singing. I'd do it. After all---it's new years DAY. Much better than eve. Then look innocent and act surprised..."oh? Didn't think you'd mind!!"

    Happy new year Tint. xo

  3. Happy New Year my fab friend! I look forward to our dronk verdriets in person! ;)

  4. Happy New Year!!! Here, we invite the neighbors TO THE party, feed them, dance with them...even let them sing sometimes -even if it's 'dronk verdriets'......love that, I'm writing it down. ......can't call the cops then if they're whooping it up with us.....big grin!

  5. We have better than that, Kippy. Jurgis has Saturday morning plans that include a circular saw and router *grins* I may have to kill him for that though. I'm not going to be a happy camper in the morning. He can sleep through anything. And yes, 2011 is going to rock! Wouldn't mind a teleport in the interrim though.

    Kat, believe... between us, we'll work some miracles! See my note about Jurgis' power tools *laugh* Happy New Year to you too!

    Katey, I can't wait. They'll be the best dronk verdriets evar!! =D

    Jule, now if they wined and dined me, I may look more favourably at the whole affair, but at 1:15am, they're swinging between the dronk verdriet and rave music. Bah!

  6. Power tools are even better! :D

    I'm jealous of the future dronk verdriets. ;)

  7. Yikes! That's verdriet for sure! but I love the idea of these power tools *grin*

    I laughed when I saw Asterix. I'm starting a history project on the Romans this Monday, leaning heavily on Asterix and his friends!

    I just know next year will be awesome! I KNOW it!! ;))

  8. Happy New year, and all the best in 2011.
    Hope that party ended soon on its own, 'cause I know how awesome that power tool idea is *grinning*

  9. yay! the two of you must be patient ppl!

  10. So...did you have your power tool party this morning??

  11. Kippy, they can be had online as well.

    Riete, I wish you were my history teacher at school. I know I'd have enjoyed it better with Asterix!

    Asta, the party didn't end soon and the power tools didn't happen, sadly.

    Amalie, it wasn't so much a case of patience, but that there was absolutely nothing we could do about it. I did consider watering their loud speakers to see if they'd grow ; )

    Kat, no :( Jurgis said he didn't want to wake me up with the noise, but I had earplugs in because the party was still going when I finally stumbled to bed.

  12. First: I loved the connection of ideas to create this blog. I thoroughly enjoy Asterix - except for the way they react to the 'Bard,' I felt so sad fro him and who, if I remember him rightly, is a bit of a Pollyanna in his verses. I had thought the European culture was more poet-friendly than a country like mine.

    Secondly: you had my sympathy: maybe, if I take the Polyanna approach myself, the noise your neighbours created is similar to how some cultures ring bells and bang drums to chase away all the bad spirits, and after such a huge din to finish off 2010 you will now have a wonderfully clear/clean 2011 ahead of you. And that is my wish for you, Jurgis and Tat.

  13. happy belated new year... that is just a great report of stupid nighbours. I could not take it i know that because i had nighbours like that..


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