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Thursday, 30 December 2010

How to make a caipirinha

I wanted to put the subtitles on the video, but it's proving too complicated. It took me ages just to 'translate' the video.

So... here's what he says:

Hi! How're you? I'm Souza de Veloso here in Vila Mariana, São Paulo. I have an important tip for you, a recipe for caipirinha.

A medium-sized lemon is essential for a good caipirinha. If your lemon is large, use half the lemon. You can use either the galego lime or pink lemon, whichever is better known in your region.

Come along and let's see how to prepare this lovely caipirinha. If you have three people preparing a caipirinha, one will always come out better. I'm going to try that.

Let's go! Here, you can cut off these end parts of the lemon. Then, we can remove this centre part, the famous core of the lemon. Many people say the skin of the lemon is the bitter part of the lemon, but that isn't the case. And here I'm going to slice the lemon thinly, ok?

If your lemon is large, only use half the lemon. If the lemon is medium-sized, use the whole one. Here I will use the whole lemon. Here, in this region, some use the 'longi drinki' glasses or even a juice glass. Or if you don't have one, you can use a medium glass or the glass you most associate with caipirinha - the more traditional glasses used in bars.

And here, two dessert spoons of sugar. Here you crush the sugar and lemon and you don't have to fight with the lemon. It's practically ready. The secret here is the ice - the main thing.

After this, the cane spirit. Many people don't like the aged cane spirit, but I assure you, it will be wonderful. Here we're using a premium cane spirit. It's not that golden, but to drink it neat is very good. So let's stir it like this. As you see, while I'm stirring, you will be able to fit in more ice or more cane spirit. I'm just going to add a touch more cane spirits. Look.

And more ice. With this heat, ice is the main thing. Just look at it! And that's the traditional one... and it's for you, so you're going to have to come here to drink it.


The 'lemon' he is talking about is actually a lime, but here they call them all lemons. It has a different taste, but a lemon can be used if you have no limes on hand. It tastes good with other fruit too.

At the start of the video, you can see the caipirinhas made with various types of fruit. Adjust sugar accordingly, of course. Cachaça is cane spirit. Vodka can be used too - it then becomes a caipiroska.

I had to laugh at his "longi drinki", a corruption of the English 'long drink', obviously. Here they put an 'i' sound at the end of most English words, where the word ends in a consonant. It's just something that amuses me when I'm not teaching it, at which point it becomes frustrating.


  1. longi drinki makes me think of the Swedish Chef on the muppets.

    Caipirinha ... yummi goodi! ;)

  2. Love the music in the backgrond and laughed as he topped that drink off. Man, they like their drinks FULL! So that's the language down there? I never really listened that close, but I always just assumed it was more similar to Spanish. Sure doesn't sound like it though!

  3. I will definitely watch this when I get back to school ;)

  4. Love the music.

    Is it Portuguesey?

  5. Kippy, I sat with my jaw hanging open.... *surely* he wasn't adding more! They don't usually serve them that full. Their beer here is left in the bottle and poured out in little more than tot measures at a time into small glasses. No, Brazilian Portuguese doesn't sound Spanish at all.

    Katey, I think you'll need the caipirinha for school... not the video ; )

    Sandy, no.... it's just a random background tune. Not at all Braziliany.

  6. haha. That music sounds slightly Porno-guesey. ;)

    *laughing* Tint, I was picturing you making them at home, topping them up like that. No WONDER they spill. ;)

  7. No... only the second or third one spills ; )

  8. *laughing* Fair enough. Now I'm thirsty!

  9. It's certainly not hot here, but that still looks really good! Just thinking about the lime makes my mouth water!

  10. I really really need one of those..:)

  11. I love the sound of that cork as it just pops right out...

    (plays vid again..and again)

  12. Deb, caipirinha is the perfect summer drink. Super refreshing! Just don't go right out in the sun afterwards ; )

    Heather... make one ; )

  13. sigh..I cant touch any alcohol with these meds Im on...

  14. Ugh... make lemonade and pretend : )

  15. I love caipirinha!!! Best thing to drink while relaxing in the pool! mmmmmmmmmmm!


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