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Friday, 24 December 2010


I went to take the tuna quiche out of the oven and decided I was invincible.... no oven gloves. Go me. Both hands... full finger burn. Blast! It's feeling better now, but I'm sooo annoyed with myself!

I'm being eaten alive by blood-sucking helicopters. My 'measles' matches my red nails. The look is just so 'in', you know.

Jurgis' pc died. Yep. Just like that. He couldn't boot up at all, even with a different boot up drive. Then it resuscitated, so he's formatting now. I'm just grateful there's life there.

I think Eet-sum-mors need to be dunked into Ricoffy. It doesn't taste the same with Nescafé.


  1. lol!! Nothing like a little Xmassy join the dots - give Jurgis a lipstick and see what pattern you come up with! I did that once with stuffed tomatoes in Std 7 in Home Economics. All over the floor. Failed that test. Suprise, suprise!
    Hope the computer can be resurrected properly!! And I hope your fingers feel better too - arnica? I would be happy to Eet Sum Mores with water from Inanda Dam at this point!! Try to stay happy!!

  2. Eeew! Inanda dam water!! Nice to look at and maybe swim in.... do you know what the little horrors do in water they swim in?? *shudder* No arnica this end. The ice seems to have done what it needed to do and I slathered on some cortizone (yeah, I'm bad, but tomorrow's Christmas). I can so picture you in Home Ec. We should have been in the same class. What fun!

  3. We once had to make semolina pudding (fairies contact lenses) and when the ghastly woman went out the classroom I threw mine out the window - luckily groundfloor) and then the cow walked back in and said she would be coming round to mark us ..... I think she frothed at the mouth when she found out. Worst two years of my life!

  4. OW! OW! OW! I cringed just reading that! Actually the part about the PC too :-( But now you got all the bad stuff over with at once and the rest of the weekend is GOLDEN!

  5. Augh! Ouch indeed! Thank goodness you have some goodies from home to take some of the sting away. :) SO glad Jurgis' computer resuscitated! That is such a panicky feeling when that happens. :(

    Almost Christmas here. I've been thinking of you. I hope you have a good day, Tint, with lots of thoughts of what NEXT year's Christmas will bring. :)

  6. It can just get better now :-) Hope the rest of the day is wonderful

  7. Burned fingers, not good! I keep an aloe vera plant, and use that a lot for burns. Glad the ice is helping. How are they today?

    Hard to imagine you being carried off by mosquitoes when ours are all frozen till spring. Glad the pc is managing for now!

    Katey, our home ec teacher was a witch, too. Why do folks who are so crabby decide to be teachers?? I dreamed of having the nerve to put a flaming bag of dog poop on her front porch, ring the doorbell, and run.

  8. Katey, worst two years with that teacher or Home Ec completely? I can so picture the scene! I never did like semolina pudding.

    Marty, it wasn't so much bad stuff. I was just kicking myself for being an airhead ; )

    Kippy, we did panic, but that's all resolved. Hate when it happens too.... and thanks for the thoughts. We're very excited about next year.

    Cheryl, the day turned out well... and today : )

    Faye, I'd use aloe vera, but we don't have it here unless I buy it in a jar. Today, they're fine. No sign of burn and no blistering. I'm so, so grateful. Dealing with roasting turkey and gravy wouldn't have been fun with blisters. Mosquitoes are a year-round thing here. I'm looking forward to the day I can take seasonal breaks from looking like I have measles.

  9. Our mosquitoes are so big in Minnesota... we use chain-link fence to keep them out.

    Jurgis got a nice Christmas present... a re-born computer.
    My christmas present????... the read differential went out on my 4 wheel drive van so my Christmas present cost me $1,200. Grrrrr. Didn't even have a bow on it.

  10. Definitely Home Ec completely!! ;P

  11. Oh, Bert, that stuff always happens at the most opportune time, doesn't it.
    Tint, I don't think I'd like to be where there isn't a reprieve from mosquitoes.


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