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Friday, 24 December 2010

Omg omg omg!

I went into the village this morning. First stop.... Post office. A 5kg package was waiting! Hamish, thank you!!! Thank you!! We're overwhelmed! A box of SAn goodies (for those who don't know, it is impossible to get any South African goodies here in Brazil). The miracle here is that customs sent the package through without opening. This box would have been nailed by them. We wouldn't have smelt it at all. Why? Biltong!!! Oh those customs guys don't know what they missed out on!!! Biltong is the one thing they Always stop! We got, not one, but TWO packets of biltong... and one packet was kudu biltong! One expat family in the throws of biltong ecstasy! *grins*

And Romany Creams... and Eet-sum-mors and marshmallows (for those who missed the post, we can get them here now, at a mortgage-the-house rate of $8 per bag). Wine! A shiraz from Perdeberg winery... the Perdeberg has a special significance for Hamish. And Simba peanuts and no less than two humungous slabs of Cadburys chocolate! *droool* I'm making no dessert tomorrow *laugh*

The supermarkets were an ant's nest today. No room to move. The queues went down the isle with the usual people keeping places while others did the shopping. I put on my ipod with Christmas music and stood grinning at everyone. What else can you do? I felt so sorry for the cashiers and packers... and the shop floor packers and cleaners. It's a tough day's work for them.

A police helicopter has been flying low over our road for the past hour or so. Wonder who or what they're looking for.

They've been letting off those big bang crackers for two days now.... tomorrow will be worse... then the buildup to New Year. Eh. I have a few creative suggestions for the use of those crackers. The poor animals are jittery.

Uh yes... and I painted my nails last night... a rare event (especially in fire-engine red) and therefore photo worthy =Þ

I'm missing Tat *sigh*


  1. ? Dunno but the toes on your left foot look...different. Maybe should see doctor?

    Never had African goodies, but they sure look delicious.

    (I miss Tat too (no, not tattoo... Tat too)).

  2. LOL Bert... yes.. they're a little warped ; ) The South African goodies are deeeelicious!

  3. WOW!! Tint, what an amazing package! You must be floating on a cloud. :D So, so happy for you ... that is awesome. :)

    I'm sorry you're living in a Tat-free zone this year. :( Hopefully this is the first and last time for that! For one of those rare, rare times, I wish I lived closer so we could hang out (normally I wish you away from there), and nope, it's NOT just because you just got a package of delicious goodies. ;)

    Happy Christmas, Tint ... to you and all of your family. Especially Hamish ... what an awesome gift!

  4. What a wonderful Christmas gift! In so many ways!

    Merry Christmas, and I hope you don't die of glee.

    PS. Gorgeous nails!

  5. OMG!! You hit the mother-lode!!!! Woooohoooooo!!!
    Now give Jurgis the pot noodles and lock yourself on the roof with the box .....
    What a wonderful thing to receive and just in time tooo!! :) Aren't brothers wonderful!! :)
    Love your nails. You have very young hands!
    Start the celebrations!! :)

  6. What a LOVELY package and what GREAT timing!!!!!!!!!! Excelelnt friends you have and that is because YOU are a grand woman!
    FESTIVE nails and if you look at the pics from my family Christmas gathering you will se ethat we pretty much match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a lovely holiday, honey!

  7. whoohooooo....knows exactly how you feel!!! Sit back and savour every mouthful!!

  8. Even my Mom says Nummy and Well Done Brother! :)

  9. Kudu billtong ... what else!

    What a wonderful package! Great!!
    I love your nails. Nice red! Really festive ;)

    Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  10. awwww what a STELLAR holiday surprise!!! I'm so excited for you and a little bit drooly myself. Pass the tissues, I have an embarassing situation here. *slobbery :oP

    Much love and craziness and enjoyment to you this holiday season!!! Tat may not be there in person, but I know she's with you in spirit (even if that thought doesn't really help much...) *HUGS to you all!!!*

  11. YUMMY!!! How exciting and fab that you got it in time too! We're 10 1/2 hours into Christmas day here. We also went to the SA shop yesterday and got droerwors and koeksisters and some boerewors to cook for when Lester comes over for drinks and snacks after his shift at 9pm. He's the other Duty Tech and is working today. He's a Filipino, so thought we'd do an SA snack too.

  12. awww happy SA christmas tint!!!! Grinning from ear to ear for you. :D

  13. Nothing like the smells and tastes of home to brighten up the season! Merry Christmas!

  14. love your nails..have fun eating those goodies..

  15. Impressed by the nails! And so glad to see you are getting some goodies.

  16. Aww, it is so much fun to get a package of treats like that! I had to look up what biltong is, so I learned something new. Bert's pretty observant with those toes, isn't he. Silly bird. I'm so glad you're missing your daughter, instead of being glad she's out of the house, like way too many folks.


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