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Saturday, 15 December 2007

Writer's block challenge #26 - Carried along

She waited and waited. The conditions had to be just right. Stretching her little legs, she could just see over the enormous white fuzzy stalks. Over there, in the distance, was The Tree. She wanted to get just beyond The Tree to where the roses were. They had told her the food was good there. The problem was to pass The Tree where the birds were.

"The wind is just right today," she thought. "I can do it." Yesterday's wind blew her dangerously close to the tree as she flew. Soon! She took an excited breath.

Just then, a gust of wind came up. "I'm not ready!" She clutched the nearest stalk. "I'm not ready!" The wind blew on. With a jerk, the stalk was freed and away she blew, still hanging on, twirling this way and that. "Oooh.... dizzy!" She gasped as her world spun around.

The seed stalk whirled and danced on the breeze, its fine downy umbrella glistening in the afternoon sun. She lost all track of time. She let go of her thoughts and let her mind whirl with the stalk. Around and around. It never got dark, but she was sure that many days must have gone by.

Suddenly, the world darkend and with a jolt, she was knocked off the stalk. She frantically flapped her wings to prevent herself falling. As she flew, she looked around at where she was. It was not quite as big as The Tree. She wondered if there were birds in that bush at the top and decided not to fly up to find out. Glancing across, she saw a multitude of bright colours. She had made it! She was in the garden beyond The Tree! Gleefully, she flew to the nearest red rose.

"Look mummy! A dandelion seed!" squeeled the little girl as she took the seed off her sleeve and held her prize up to the smiling lady.


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