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Sunday, 30 December 2007

It is hot!

bright light
long shadows
silver waves
on gray ribbons
of concrete

shards of light
from city glass
stab my eyes
sidewalk heat
claws my feet
burning below

sharp shadows
reach long arms
across my path
tripping me up
with sudden
change of light

windscreens glaring
as they push
their way past
to get out of
the heat

Tint ©

We have basically been draping ourselves wherever we could, trying to cope with the heat. The humidity has been incredibly high too. We have two fans going in this room. Stepping outside doesn't bear thinking of. I've had a 3 day headache from the heat. It rained for a full half hour tonight. The air cooled for about half an hour after that, but the heat is back. It's the kind of heat where you can't bear anything touching your skin. The south of Brazil in Santa Caterina, they've declared a state of emergency with the floods happening there. Our weather travels up from that end, so we're headed for some big rain. I'm selfishly hoping for rain on New Year to cut down on the fireworks. Besides, rain on New Year is traditional here. Above all, though, I'm hoping it cools somewhat... really, really hoping...

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