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Sunday, 02 December 2007

A long, long time - 28 November 2007

nineteen years
is a long time
longer than long
longer than forever

i hear
your thumping
down the passage
on wooden floors

chuckle as you
watch the dog
trying to get to you
through the window

i had to learn
too many lessons
too hard, too fast
when you went

nineteen years
is but a day
when passing words
scratch at old wounds

© tint

Today I will remember.... just today... just a little while


  1. lovely, but it hurts to read.


  2. My daughter, Michelle... she died in a car accident 19 years ago.

  3. I'm so sorry, Tint.

    Strange that I found it now... I had a miscarriage a few years back, a girl. She who was to have been born the last week of March, so I feel sort of "intense" this time of March.

    I sat with my secret box this week. I have the few things I bought when I was pregnant in it. Things I just can't get rid of because they're all I have.

    I can't imagine how much more painful it must be for you.

    Beautiful poem. I understand it now.

  4. I understand what you're going through and your need for the secret box. To me, miscarriage must be one of the most painful forms of loss. You have the bond with your child without ever having had the chance to create memories or watch their personality grow. You have the same sense of loss, but with no public closure. Few will ever know of your loss or understand it, but the loss is very real. Did you name her? I hope so. ((hugs)) to you. If you need to talk, just drop me a line.

    Go to the bottom of this page and have a read...

  5. The waterbug idea is lovely. Thank you and thank you for the offer of a "shoulder" or ear... I might be back to take you up on that some time.

    At the moment I'm taking a quick break from getting ready to move and haven't the time to reply properly here. I'll be back once we're settled in the new house.

    Love to you

  6. I wish you a great move! One where everything goes smoothly and on time and I wish you joy in your unpacking. I love finding new homes for my goodies :)


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