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Saturday, 15 December 2007

Picture Perfect - Outrageous

When I saw the theme, I had the perfect photo in mind. I just had to go out and take it. Trouble is, they had removed my props!! Bah! There is a children's clothing shop in the village. In the doorway, they had their little manequin wearing a t-shirt that said, in bold: "This is f***!" << note, insert a disgusting, but apparently popular foul word. The foul word in question being super-large and in bright red. The t-shirt is for children around the age of 5. Now that is outrageous! Apparently, it is taken from the Portuguese "Isso é foda", which can be translated into "This is great" or the above quote. We're thinking that they meant to translate it into "This is great". Not being able to get that photo, I was going to take a photo of the little oak tree with its autumn colours - outrageous in that we're meant to be heading into summer here, but it was raining, so I settled on this photo....

Taken with my old Canon SD10 Digital Elph

The billboard sign translates to "More than 2.5 million families now have a sewerage system." It is one of the 'official' billboards showing the populace what growth there is in the country. To me, it says something when a government considers that a subject for national pride. This billboard was part of a pre-election campaign.

If you want to join in, visit Picture Perfect.

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