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Saturday, 15 December 2007

Approximately 100.... nay... a few things about me

You may want to go off and get yourself a cuppa, a blanket and a pillow. This could take a while. I'm posting this now, as I have other blogs I want to write. If you want 100, add them yourself hahaha! Uh... then again... maybe not ; )

1) I am South African
2) I have been living in Brazil for almost 9 years
3) The only Brazilian to pronounce my name correctly was a cockatiel
4) I'm terrible with names and regularly put my foot in it
5) I am certified to interpret South African deaf sign language at conferences, but I'm horribly out of practice
6) I dream of living in the country again
7) I don't have a TV
8) I play an online game with my daughter. We play as twins
9) I tend to have a wicked sense of humour
10) I don't like vulgar humour or language
11) I lost 6 pairs of glasses in my first two years of school. My gran then gave up. My vision is now perfect
12) My 'look' scares Tat's boyfriends
13) *correction* According to Tat, my look scares everyone
14) I have a low tolerance for rude or inconsiderate people
15) I am an optimistic realist
16) I have tinnitis and struggle to hear, so phone and voice messenger often frustrates me
17) I don't drink nearly enough water
18) I have an extremely sensitive sense of smell
19) I can't tell a joke to save my life
20) I love herbs and will use them in preference to bought drugs
21) I would love to qualify as a herbalist or reflexologist
22) I have no idea where any of my family, aside from Jorge and Tat, are. I wish I knew
23) My favourite passtime is tickling Tat
24) I'm hopeless at multi-tasking. When a friend talks to me on messenger, I stop doing everything else.
24) I'm the world's worst housewife
25) I used to make all my own clothes and Tat's, a lot of Jorge's too
26) I am self-taught in pretty much all my skills (I use the word 'skill' loosely lol)
27) I taught English privately to corporate executives, engineers and school kids for my first 7 years here. I also taught grade 1 and 2 at a private school
28) Tat says she's grateful I don't have the figure I want or I'd dress freaky ; )
29) I'm an e-mail packrat - I store e-mails... just in case... you never know
30) Garfield would be the perfect companion for me (Tat's words)... comfort food, lasagna, sarcastic, doesn't like mornings, likes sleeping
31) I'm a procrastinator
32) I plan to live in a cottage in Tat's back yard with my cats and my garden when I'm old - possibly even while I'm young
33) I throw nothing away that might possibly come in handy as a cat toy
34) I enjoy recording my dreams and analysing them
35) I would love to do a painting course
36) My dream as a child was to be a social worker
37) I love pigs... and cows... and chickens... and geese... and
38) I'm passionate about animals
39) I want to live in the country (just so I know you got the point)
40) I love buying gifts for people.... I like to buy a whole selection of gifts for each person every Christmas/birthday and other times
41) I'm uncomfortable receiving gifts
42) I am always prepared. I took my Girl Guide motto seriously
43) I carry a very full purse as a result of #42
44) I'm a night owl... 2am often finds me doing housework
45) I'm not into fashion. I go for comfort
46) I love gadgets, especially in the kitchen
47) I'm full of business ideas, none of which I can use
48) I love collecting semi-precious stones and crystals
49) I can generally be relied on to 'make a plan' with whatever tools, materials or facilities I have on hand
50) I was electrocuted at the age of 7 and lost my voice for a week (the neighbours were probably grateful), but still went to school
51) I never missed a single day of school. All childhood illnesses and other dramas 'conveniently' took place over weekends or during holidays
52) I love macro photography. There's a whole new world out there!
53) I am not in the least afraid of spiders. They fascinate me. I often feel I have a 'bond' with them
54) I love collecting Christmas ornaments from all over the world... some of which aren't exactly Christmas ornaments, but hang on the tree anyway
55) I rely on my nose to tell me when the food is cooked or something has finished baking... its often more reliable than the timer
56) My favourite dog is the Great Dane. My favourite cat is the ginger cat
57) This is the first time I have ever been without a ginger cat in my life
58) I dream of riding a bicycle. I can actually visualise it, but all my attempts have failed
59) I have little sense of balance
60) It's 3:30am. I should be in bed. I wish my sketch pad had an undo button
61) I believe every child should have the experience of raising silkworms
62) I'm the least squeamish person I know, but I cannot stand the smell of blood. It brings to mind the smell of burning tar, hot metal and oil
63) Right after the training wheels were taken off my brand new chopper, I crashed my bike into my grandad's combi. I never rode again
64) I need to fall asleep on my left side and will probably remain in that position the whole night
65) I need to touch trees
66) I cry easily
67) I can walk for miles, but put me on an incline and I'm finished
68) TNT is highly explosive under the right conditions
69) I'm hopeless at math of any sort
70) Have you fallen asleep in your chair yet?
71) I desperately miss being able to call up a friend and meet for coffee
72) I cut my hair short from waist length in Grade 7 because my best friend cut hers. She found herself a new friend almost immediately
73) I never regretted my short hair, except on cold winter mornings
74) I spent over 24 hours in a chocolate factory, ate two chocolates and couldn't face any more
75) I find it hard to make friends
76) I drove illegally for 4 years - yep... bad
77) I was employed as official driver for my husband's company for 6 months (after I got my license). We travelled the length and breadth of the Eastern Cape
78) I was secretary to the mayor of the Kloof Town Board for 3 months
79) I went to live with my grandparents after I jumped into an open heater at the age of 3
80) I think it was around then that I gave up all hope of being a gymnast ; )
81) I couldn't cook to save my life when we got married
82) We ate risotto for the first 3 months, as it was all Jorge could cook... then I bought recipe books
83) I love Christmas carols, but can't bear them to be sung outside of Christmas
84) I am a bookworm. I could read round the clock. I miss having books available... oh to have a library!
85) I love bright, bold colours
86) .........

I'm giving up here. This list has taken far too long and yes, that is #86... I have trouble in finishing things ; )

Added by Tatiana:

87) Have wheels, will travel!
88) Sarcasm? Your middle name!
89) Incredibly talented with graphics ;)
90) You love stationery. A LOT. (Guess who I got that from? LOL)
91) That one line one of Barbra Streisand's songs "move into the white house, paint it yellow, speak Portuguese and Dutch..." fits you perfectly (I always think of you when I hear that song).
92) When it comes to gift wrapping, you're a perfectionist.
93) Those who know you, invariably love you.
94) You have an amazing voice (especially your phone voice.. GIMME!)
95) You were born with a camera attached to your arm.. Only no one knew it back then.
96) You're not a girly-girl, but you're not a tom boy either. You're just the right mix.
97) You can never talk about yourself... You always have difficulty finding something to say when you try.
98) You never buy for yourself - always for other people (in case no one noticed, you're very altruistic).
99) You're quite modern for a mom and you give a lot of slack (Lucky me ;D) (ALMOST 100!! WOOHOO!)
100) You're my mom, my friend, my crutch, my non-maraschino cherry on top of the black forest cake! You rock *grins*



  1. wow, that's quite a list! I did a confession thing on my blog, but I just did five things!

    Heyyy... I never knew you knew deaf sign language. My dad's mom was deaf and she taught me a few words, but she used to get fed up because I spelt so S-L-O-W. :-P

    Also - I hate the smell of blood and I really hate the smell of raw chicken although I love cooking and love eating COOKED chicken, which is tricky.

    Nice list, Tint. :-)

  2. haha! Good to see you here, Michelle. Blogger annoys me because I have to sign in in Portuguese.

    I spell slooooow too, so the first thing I asked to learn is, please be patient ;)

    I couldn't make it to the 100 mark. I don't know how people do that. Tatiana had to finish it for me.

    Eew... the smell of raw chicken is nasty. I keep a disinfectant gel on hand... kills the smell on my hands, then I wash and put smelly stuff on.


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