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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sunny Saturday

It wasn't a terribly exciting day today. I hauled out my leather and decided to finally make the cover for my teaching folder. I love leather. The thread I am using is, I think, older than I am. It's just always been there in Ouma's thread box. Countless times as a child, I'd sort the threads, tucking away loose strands and neatening the box. This spool of thread was always there and yet, it's as good as new. I don't know why it was originally bought. Ouma spoke of working leather as a young girl, but I never saw her using leather.

My Firefox wants to update to version 5. Poor Tat is having so many problems with it, so I'm a little leery. Another programme needed to update and, sure as little green apples grow on trees, it now has its own toolbar wanting to be installed. Oh no you don't. I was just thinking that if every programme's toolbar was allowed, I'd end up with no visible browser!

Supper tonight was pizza... the best pizza I've made in ages. Totally worth it and way better than the bought pizza, except for one minor issue... I had to make it. I love having food made for me!

I tried browsing Multiply earlier today, but eventually gave up. Instead, Tat and I went 'window shopping'. Don't you just love technology? We shopped for trainers. Wow... the variety out there?! Actually, I found an interesting video on buying trainers that talks about your arch and how people with different shaped arches run or walk. You can see it here.

As I typed the title to this blog, I remembered it was sunny today, which reminded me that I hung out washing, which reminded me that the washing is still out there... Oh dear. It's after midnight... a bit late to stumble around by torch light taking down jeans. Oh and the neighbour again has undies on the roof, this time in a bowl! I found the photo I took last time though *grins*


  1. I loved to go through my oma's thread box. There's something about them that little girls love! When she died my mom gave it to me ... and I still have it!

    I installed FF 5 without problems. I never install extra toolbars. The nice young man who cleaned my computer got rid of the Google one and now I only use the FF toolbar.

    LOL at your neighbour. They have an issue with undies, don't they?
    Which reminds me ... my laundry is also still out there! LOL!!!

  2. Ewwwww!!!! Just imagine how sweaty the ones at the bottom of the basket are!
    I hope we get to see your finished leather!? I feel like that about the button boxes! That's great you can go shopping together like that! :) Soon! Soon!

  3. Love the photos! That top one is really especially gorgeous! I love how much you know how to do that I haven't a clue about. Your pizza sounds delicious. :)

  4. Riete, the trouble with the old threads is that usually they deteriorate. I've had to throw many of the threads away, unfortunately. It's funny though... looking at the threads, I remember the colours and styles of those years because of the colours of the threads. It's a trip down memory lane all of its own. I'm not sure what's up with the neighbours and their undies - on the roof? lol

    Katey, it could be clean undies, but why put them in a bundle on the roof?? Totally odd. As for buttons... the button collection I inherited rivals the thread collection. Many memories there too :) Soon!

    Kippy, I have never done leather work. All I do is self-taught. If I don't know, I look it up and try it. Much the way you and Jeremy create rivers and ponds and... :) The pizza was delicious!

  5. You're very handy when it comes to sewing and stuff though, Tint, and I can't do it, for the life of me. I only once sewed something I was proud of, and that was when Dante was still young, and he demolished it. haha. That's about enough of that!

    Now I'm craving pizza, but it will never be as good as yours. The only good thing is I don't have to make it myself, like you said. :)

  6. But you do a lot of other things that are just as handy : )

    My pizza is probably not the best, but it's good and it's thick-based, which is what Himface likes.

  7. Homemade dough is the BEST. I buy it frozen sometimes, but it's still nothing like my own. When the kids were little I really couldn't afford to buy pizza, and learned how to make the dough the way a friend of mine's Italian gramma made it. ("buy pizza? you nuts?") I made it every weekend. They didn't know you could buy pizza till they were older.

    I'd love to see a picture of your rooftop neighbors some time - not that their underwear isn't interesting - but I'd like to see if my mental image matches the real deal.

    I've never worked with leather. My grandma had a button box. No thread in there, but loads of buttons. I still have the box. The buttons are made of bone and mother of pearl, some of them are silver. She never threw a worn out garment away without cutting off the buttons.

  8. This is what I do too :)

  9. Button Box! It was the button box for me! Plus we'd play a game on the steps called "Button, button, which hand has the button" and guess what? No batteries, no game machines, just two of us grandkids and grandma :-)


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