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Tuesday, 07 June 2011

Girl in rain

I discovered this sweet image by Pentelka on Deviantart. It fits.

*shiver* I suppose getting changed would be a good thing. The heavens opened in a sheet of driving rain as I stepped off the bus. It was almost as though someone up there waited... "Oh look! She's getting off now. Quick! Get the buckets!" And guess who had no umbrella. Why should I? We haven't seen a drop of rain for weeks. Did I mention my wash lines were full of freshly laundered, almost-dry washing? And the cat litter was outside getting some sun?

Tonight I have to prepare some grammar sheets. I am so not in the mood. But... we have a pot of chicken soup waiting to be heated, so all is well. I'm having some serious schedule conflicts. Everyone wants classes at their time, which is totally understandable and wouldn't be a problem if everyone's preference could be spread out. I need a clone. I have been introduced to another South African girl who's teaching and wants to branch out as a private teacher. I need to meet her still. I hope she's worth her salt as a teacher, so I can pass some work her way. Time will tell. The first problem there is finding time to meet her. Between her schedule and mine, a miracle is needed.

Off to get that soup now...


  1. Sounds like Sunday's weather!! I felt just like Eeyore with a rain cloud following me around - or your cute little girl up there! Hope everything dries out soon - including you! Have you seen the book Eats Shoots and Leaves? I think I gave mine away a couple of years ago but it's got a lot of good grammar ideas and rules etc. I finally dragged myself home at half eight and brought the laptop with me. I need to find two easy science experiments, project work on secondary and tertiary colour wheels, giraffes, honey bees, insects, and dinosaurs ... O.o

  2. We heard about your weather in our news here. Apparently the south of England has been so dry, it was close to being classified as desert, but now everyone's swimming.

    Science experiments are easy enough to find online. What's the theme? Pity you can't work online with the kids. I just did a super kewl lesson on insects with my 9 year old. I'm out of dinosaurs lol

  3. lol It's trying to find the right thing aimed at enquiring 3 year olds! :P The giraffe thing will be okay - anatomy, habitat etc. Dinosaurs I am so flippin over - this is the third boy into them ..... I've already made a 40 page activity book with one of them. So far we've done magnets and floating & sinking. I'm thinking surface tension with milk, soap and colour, or water and pepper ....

  4. Hey, it is good to see you, even if you are a little damp at the moment. Hopefully the chicken soup has done the trick and you are feeling way brighter.

    Good to hear you are busy, if only you could organise two or three to all get together in one place at one time - sigh - I think some learn quicker when they also interact with their peers. A question of 'not losing face' maybe?

    Think the picture you selected was just delightful. I can relate to it. We are having long dry spells here and is surprisingly mild, then it all explodes into a three day magnificent hissy-fit storm creating chaos everywhere, and then returns to a long autumn again.

  5. Katey, the surface tension is perfect! What about planting beans in cotton wool? My pre-schoolers loved that. They did an experiment where they had 2 types of water... filthy water and clean water... to see which bean grew best... and the whole light vs dark too.

    I loved that surface tension kaleidoscope experiment we found last time.

  6. Chicken soup was great, Lois. I'm all ready for a nice hot shower and bed now. No, there isn't a possibility of them sharing time. They range from primary school kids through to top level banking executives.

    The weather is weird the world over. The rain storm we had this evening was a summer thing, but here we're having it with cold in the winter. Very odd. Our winter rain is usually very light and soaking.

  7. what a cute piece of art! figures it picked just that moment to rain on you. :P sounds like you are doing well work wise. hope you get to hook up with the other teacher soon...or maybe you can get some of your students together to combine teaching them? chicken soup sounds just what you needed today. ;)

  8. Woosh it's amazing how a sudden downpour can sap your energy. I think the water rinses it away somehow!

    Katey - mebbe try raisins and sprite? My kiddo loved it when she was younger.... dunno if that's doable or acceptable...

    or perhaps ask them how to clone people? I know the younger minds are more agile - maybe they can find a way to clone Tint so she can get everything done!!! ;o)

  9. Feast or famine when it comes to students there, huh? I'm glad you're feasting, even if it means we see you around here less. Guess we ALL have to work on those balances ... ;)

  10. Dear Tint, ah, the CLONE wish! We share it. And the scheduling, trying to please everyone all the time is NOT possible, but boy does trying cause stress...I sure hope you can ease up a bit soon. Back to white-rabbitting outside now, big hugs....better yet, a little reflexology...

  11. Well how about that timing with the rain and the bus? Glad it wasn't at the beginning of your day; sorry about your laundry on the line. When it rains, it pours, according to your work right now. Hope the new teacher works out!

  12. Kimmy, work is going well. I'm immensely grateful (and tired lol). There's no way to combine the students. They're demographically and geographically far apart. The soup was good!

    Jaime, the raisins and sprite idea was good... if Katey could resist eating the experiment ;) Doubt I would. I don't so much want a clone for more teaching. I want a clone to send out, so I can mooch at home =Þ

    I'm enjoying the feast, Kippy. It does make a nice change from the famine, doesn't it. Eh... balance... =/

    Ien, to be honest, I don't want it to ease up. Busy is preferable to broke. I'd give my hind leg for a reflexology session. No one does it here and self-reflexology isn't quite the same.

    Faye, that's my timing all over. I'm not so much hoping the new teacher works out as to having someone here I can actually talk to. She's young though... I'll see how it goes.

  13. glad the soup was good and that you are dry and busy and have loads of work! AND that the gal works out and is a good candidate for sharing the load!

  14. Marty, I still need to meet with her. Not sure where I'm going to fit that in. I think, in lieu of a clone, I would like a Harry Potteresque time turner. Nah... then I'd be tired-er than I already am LOL


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