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Thursday, 09 June 2011

I'm late!

Which reminds me of a little anecdote from the past...

I tried working, very briefly, in direct sales. Let's just say, I'm definitely not a salesperson. The area I was assigned for the day was Indian. Durban has a very large Indian community. The calls were based on requests prospective clients put in at the shopping centre. I knocked and the lady of the house opened. "Could I speak to Mr X, please?" "No, sorry. He's late." I said I didn't mind and that he'd requested the visit and perhaps I could start the quote while I waited for him. "No, no. You don't understand. He's late!" Yes, I understood that he was late. Did she think he'd be very long before getting home? She got very flustered, threw up her hands and exclaimed, "He's dead!" I was rather nonplussed by the revelation. Late? Dead? Ah yes! I got it!

I woke up at 6:30am, considering my alarm (buried deep in my handbag) was set for an hour earlier. That left me half an hour to get my sleepy butt out the door. The sky was heavy with clouds. I left saying that I needed to take an umbrella. Guess who left without an umbrella. I arrived at the Metro a little more than damp. On my way home, I bought an umbrella. My last umbrella is in tatters. I miss it, a bright lime green. It was a cheerful umbrella. The new one is a rather boring, sombre beige, but it works. Needless to say, because I was now armed, not a drop of rain fell on the way home. As I walked in at home, the rain started again.

The weather has been freaky. Yesterday, the entire state of São Paulo was without electricity due to a cyclone in the south somewhere. Jurgis mentioned where, but my head was elsewhere. We were lucky in that it wasn't off for too long here. Some people are still without power. Over 100 trees were felled by the winds here in the city. That laundry I'd left out? It was tied in knots on the lines. T-shirts don't do well in knots.

I leave for my next student in half an hour. It's raining. I do categorically not want to go out in this. I love the rain, but a 1 mile trek with trucks whizzing by and spraying slush? Nah.


  1. HOLY COW! LOL That is a funny story, Tint!
    I hope that the weather calms down, after months of bad weather here I totally relate to yours, stay dry!

  2. oh yuck..trucks whizzing by and slushy...ewww....

  3. well at least it doesn't mean you're pregnant either! ;) haha. actually when i was in jamaica i was 6 months pregnant and all the women there kept patting my belly and exclaiming i was "stuffed". hope you make it on time...and dry!!

  4. Late huh? haha...I was thinking a different kind of late too.

  5. Your waking up and leaving in the morning reminds me so much of my own! If I dont leave everything ready the night before, I'm totally adrift in the morning!

    Weird weather indeed.. Here we are having the Chilean volcanic ashes scattering along the country, from South to NE! Airports and roads getting closed and all that jazz.. Not funny!

    I learnt that meaning of late is used in a pre-modifier position as in 'late husband' but it seems it can be used other way! But hey, that is logically confusing!

  6. You're making me glad I live in a desert climate. ;)

  7. Tint it must be such a cultural change living there now from where you were raised! How long have you lived there for?

  8. It's like there's someone out to get us at the moment - same thing here too!

  9. Marty, I thought so too! The weather is calmer now and a good deal cooler. I can deal with that (except that my jacket is in for repair).

    Heather.... you said it... yuck!

    Kimmy, I nearly choked when I read that! Pregnant?? Whew! So it was you! I have numerous funny stories about mistranslations and misunderstandings here. I can relate. haha!

    Kat, which late? It's such a loaded word.

    Amalie, the idea is very far removed from what you'd experience, I think.

    Kat... think she had mud puddles and trucks to deal with?

    Kippy, I rather miss the desert climate, though I do love rain... just not this rain.

    Janet, I've been here for 12 years now (doesn't time fly when you're having fun?!), but every day is still interesting.

    Katey, I think you've had it worse than us. Still can't believe that parts of England have been declared drought areas!

  10. Late ???? I thought, oh shit and now ?? LoL, here we have cold and wet and yuecky weather, I refused to go anywhere all week. Today sunshine and 12 deg c, do not do well in winter. This is Africa for Piets sake. 12 years in Brazil, how did you survive??

  11. Marianne, trouble is that Brazilian buildings are even less designed to deal with cold. It's mild today. Outside is a gorgeous 17ºC (62.6ºF). Inside is frigid! As for how I survived? A vivid imagination and sense of humour helps ;)


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