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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Fardling fiddlesticks!!

I have just gotten off the phone with Paypal. Did you know Paypal has extended its reach to other countries, Brazil included? That should be good news, right? Ha! My Paypal account is an old, US based, one that I set up to be able to receive payments from my US and Canadian clients. Now that Paypal has opened up in Brazil, I can no longer do my banking in English!! Argh!

Thankfully, some soul out there in 0800-world heard the desperation in my voice and transferred me to Paypal USA where I got to speak to two super-friendly, helpful customer services folks. Apparently no one can choose their language on Paypal any more. In the end, I'm frustrated with Paypal, but the manic edge was taken off my mood.

While I was on hold (did you know that toll-free numbers have no urgency to talk to you?), I surfed the news.... nice, read-worthy articles today:

Dog and man unites (tissue warning!)

And South Africa's very own Sardine Run!



The great HRM (just for you, Marianne) was outside sanding down timber he found to make some herb boxes for upstairs. If we can find enough, Romany may even get himself a kennel built.

Otherwise, it's all in all been a quiet sort of day in which I did much of what I didn't plan to and nothing of what I did plan. Funny how it works that way.


  1. And there was I thinking you were going to find the mother of all candles to try and outdo Kippy .... ;)
    Aaaah the sardine run! :)

  2. *laughing* I had similar thoughts, Katey! I thought, ok, maybe a piano-sized candelabra!

    Glad you got the issues resolved, Tint. That kind of stuff sure is infuriating!

  3. Some days it works out better just going with the flow huh?

    I get a grin out of some of the music that is played while one is held on their 'hold' - I was talking wih Vodofone Sales and their 'you are on hold elevator music' song had a repitition line that said 'I have run away' - I think the nerds that set up company's music know that the clients don't actualy listen to what they have loaded on. Telecom in contrast plays really really loud bad rap music - 2 hours the other day and they still had not answered my call. I wonder why I tried Vodofone instead?

  4. Don't you just hate that telephone music? It's never my kind of music, lol!
    As far as I can remember I switched to Paypal Dutch myself. Weird that you can't choose anymore.

  5. Katey, I dearly wished I could take that log home, but it was still firmly anchored in concrete! Candle sticks... gorgeous! I have yet to visit Kippy's candlestick post... *will catch up... will catch up... *

    Kippy, until then, I'll sit in envy of your candelabra : )

    Lois, it's hard to go with the flow when you don't understand the flow. My Portuguese is good enough, but banking slays me. I'm deaf enough to tune out ghastly 'hold' tunes, luckily.

    Riete, trouble is that when it is my kind of music, it's so tinny, it sounds awful. My point to Paypal was that every country has loads of expats. There are many Americans living and working in, say, China or Japan. Can you imagine what they'd be faced with on Paypal?! After happily doing their Ebay transactions for so long, they'd be faced with gobbledegook.

  6. Did HRM make herb boxes for me........??????????? LOL..................so sweet ! hehehe

  7. The whole family is sighing and groaning as no one can get away to go down this year. Kerry is in Amanzimtoti and her and Miska is keeping us updated to great frustrations of my darling and the other male anglers here. " catch the mother of all fish ..............the shad are humongous, I just heard...................just off the rocks..........." LOL, pooor babies.

  8. haha! I'll let Jurgis know. He misses fishing off the rocks. That whole boyhood dream thing.

  9. for Jurgis:
    Russell and son Steven on the rocks at Palm Beach last year this time:

  10. have you blocked HTML messages, trying to post you a photograph??

  11. Ahhh, welcome to my world!

    LOLOLOL WE all think alike, I immediately thought that you were going to make some of those gorgeous candle-holders and then perhaps sell them on ebay or something and use the Paypal for collecting the payments LOL We all have wooden noggins!

    I hope that you have a lovely weekend :-)

  12. Marianne, the pic worked just fine... 3 times over *grins*

    Marty, wish I could do that... make candle-holders and sell them. I'd be in paradise. Maybe one day when I get the hermitage I'm after ; )


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