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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Fiddle faddle

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On Sunday, we considered calling Ghostbusters. The neighbour was sounding a bit like a banshee. She was clearly unhappy with the men in her life (two adult sons and a husband).

A colleague in Germany wrote a brilliant blog on the work I (ok, we) do: What is TEFL?

It looks like I'm losing my little girl (student) because of a time clash. It breaks my heart. I'm fond of her, just not fond of her father. At all. On many levels.

I suggested yesterday that Jurgis writes and publishes a book called "The World's Worst Puns". It's sure to be a best-seller. Gems like: "You're a plant. You stalk people on Facebook, then you leaf." I almost cried, except that crying, wailing and gnashing of teeth in a Metro is undignified. I restricted myself to groaning and rolling my eyes.

They apparently cut our water on Sunday. We were blissfully unaware of it thanks to the roof-top cistern, except... We turned our taps on yesterday morning to brown sludge. Thanks Water Dept. It made for a day of fun drinking, showering, etc. Our water today is down to a weak tea colour. Our filters are totally blocked. Not a happy camper here. If you want to see what our water system here involves, I've written about it before here.

Oh! Before I forget! I wanted to tell you about a new site I found called Quietube. You put the button on your bookmarks toolbar and when you're viewing a Youtube or Vimeo video, you can click on Quietube and watch the video without some of the rather awful comments or so-called 'related' videos that often aren't related at all. If you want to send a link to a video to someone, but don't want the ghastly comments to show, Quietube solves that problem. Nice! Here is an example I was watching this morning.


  1. then you leaf! lol
    That sucks for lack of a better word having to hear clashes
    with people. Hopefully things will get better Tint. I need to look at your links!

  2. *Sigh!* I am a plant. It's true!

  3. Eww brown sludge! Only thing I can think of that resembles is when they do something flush out the hyrants or whatever it's called but there is warning IF you read the news or listen to the radio . Once I wasn't aware and started laundry and it messed up some nice things.

    Well, don't know what else to say. Sorry to hear you are loosing a beloved student
    Hope the week gets increasingly nicer *smiles*

  4. I am so sorry about your water, that is just gross to turn on the faucet and find THAT!
    I do NOT miss noise from neighbors, that is for sure! OY!
    I am sorry that you are going to lose the little girl but NOT the father, and your Jurgis is very punny!
    I hope that your week and water get better and better!

  5. Quietube sounds so nice. So very, very nice......

    but not as nice as that blog! It's a great descriptor that really helps people understand the importance and huge impact of the work you're doing - I hope it made you feel good and re energized you!!!! You're awesome!

    Though, uhm, I'm not sure I could handle a book as punny as all that from Jurgis. The horror. The pain..... the never ending bad jokes that would follow......

  6. I seed no problems with that pun...


  7. PS... nicking your cartoon. I love it.


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