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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Oi Vey!

A photo from Monday... I was waiting a few minutes before going in to my student when this guy pulled up at the lights. Biker dude crossed with junk hauler. He had a wagon attached to his bike that he had piled high with the type of scrap the cart guys usually haul around. Not an everyday sight, I can assure you.

Apologies for the poor quality of the photo. It was a rush job.

Sunday - a day of random daftness...

The neighbours have a basket of underwear on their roof. I don't want to know why. Actually, I do. What on earth..... ?! I can take a photo. No... no... definitely not. You'll have to use your imagination.

The youngsters at Tat's centre have gotten it into their heads to inhale helium. And here I thought teenagers were clever. No... wait... they're not teenagers! They're adults!!! The future's in dire trouble.

A student wants his demo class... on a Sunday Afternoon??!! Ugh! Who named it a weekEND anyway?

Neighbours are trying to have a conversation with their dog - a big random-breed dog - barking incessantly between them... at us and the bbq'ing undies-on-the-roof neighbours. How can anyone have a conversation like that?

The bbq'ing neighbours are just winding up for what, I think, will be a long night of raucous yelling. Have you ever heard a tree full of wild parrots squawking? It sounds like that... without the pleasantness associated with bird calls.


  1. I hate to laugh at your predicament but you crack me up with your descriptions!! It's pouring with rain here and feels like it's April. The neighbours (social club) is gearing up for the weekly ceili - across the road the arena is hosting a "Summer" concert for people with no taste in music - and Tescos is carefully trying not to let anyone slip on their wet tiled floor so they can sue them .... I think I like your neighbours better today! :)

  2. Good LORD! Forget inventors making sock-folding machines. Have them invent a transporter, first!

    I guess I can't complain about the neighbors' screaming kids anymore. That sounds horrible.

    Love the bike-riding junkman. Bad-ass squared! ;)

  3. That sense of humor is something we all need to get us through the days...and nights isn't it Tint.

  4. Katey, we'll swap, ok? I'll take your lot before this lot. At least I'd be able to understand the mayhem. The woman next door sounds like a Capey, I swear! On the other hand, I'll give the rain a miss. I'm enjoying today's mild sunshine.

    Transporter! Yes! Have you found someone yet, Kippy? I'll take the kids over this lot. Wait... the kids here are just as bad.

    Cherie, without a sense of humour, I'd have shrivelled up and become a prune years ago. Valid point!

  5. I can sympathize with you and the underwear bbq'ing neighbors. I live with noise I have to laugh at or jump (bridge or chasm).

    I think you should take a picture of the underwear. Maybe they'll wonder why! And stop chattering?

  6. Sorry, I had to laugh at your descriptions too! But I do acknowledge the misery of it all :)
    There's nothing worse than loud neighbours and barking dogs ... oh, and a student who "needs" you on a Sunday afternoon.

    I hope it will quiet down and you will be able to enjoy your Sunday after all ...

  7. If I had a transporter, a lot of you would already be here. :(

  8. What a brilliant bike combo! :) Obviously a resourceful chap.

    So, have you ever thought about writing a book about your neighbours? Sounds like there's the making of one there!

  9. Kat, if it was 'chattering', I'd more than cope with it. The woman, in particular, has the dulcet tones of a fishwife.

    Riete, laugh away lol I can tolerate the dog. The dog is not to blame. It's his owners. But the other neighbours? That drives me up the wall. No, it won't quiet down. They've now moved indoors and the music is on - I use the word 'music' very loosely here.

    Transporter!!!! (man, those inventors are slow!)

    Jenny, I have material here for either a comedy or a tragedy. If I had to start writing, I often wonder in which direction a book like that would head.

  10. wow--didn't they all get the message it's supposed to be a relaxing sunday?! you had me cracking up laughing though. my one neighbor has an extremely loud voice. even when she sits out on her back deck to talk on her phone we can hear her inside of our house. and it's not like our houses are THAT close together!

    shaking my head at that bike contraption. well i guess if you don't have a truck you have to be ingenius!

  11. What a character that biker looks, I love seeing people doing thins that probably seem completely normal to them and leave others dumb-founded.

    Sunday sounds like it was full of random weirdness. I can totally hear how those neigbours must have sounded... seems like it was the same as dusk here in Australia... except that for us it really is parrots! =D

  12. That biker junk-man is a real bad-ass :) Cracked me up for sure.
    Sympathies for having to deal with not so relaxed Sunday. I like in a block of flats, but luckily usually there are no problems with our neighbors at all. But I sometimes hear almost horror stories about loud and even worse neighbors. Lucky for me that's just a stories I hear from people I know, and I don't have to deal with such stuff as neighbors quarreling, etc. on daily basis

  13. Kimmy, there are, in my humble opinion, few things worse than having to listen to someone's over-loud phone conversation.... or any conversation, actually. People who stand side by side and yell at each other as though they're at opposite ends of the world... ugh!!

    Kerry, people-watching is a hobby of mine, particularly odd-people watching ; ) I'll take the parrots over the loud people. Our neighbours went from loud laughing to loud shouting. Mom was, apparently very unhappy with her family and much shouting ensued.

    Asta, is this just where you live or are Lithuanians generally quieter? I envy you your neighbours : )

  14. So was this guy the local handyman or a new contractor looking for work????

  15. Tint, I believe that it's just us being lucky with our neighbors. And Lithuanians aren't all that quiet at all :) Well, our neighbors sometimes have some loud parties, etc., but that happens like once or twice per year, so I can deal with that, not to mention that on very rare occasions I trow a such party myself ;) .
    Some friends often complain about their very loud neighbors, who often shout or listen to music way too loudly, so yeah, we're indeed very very lucky to have a generally very quiet ones.


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