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Sunday, 23 May 2010

The wedding of the year

The wedding of the year took on a distinctly international flair today with celebrations all over the globe. Well, almost all over the globe : )

Our wishes for you, our dear friends... This and soo much more!

Our day was quiet. I was, as anticipated, spending most of the day checking periodically for any news of the happy couple... both happy couples, really... the two in Nevada and the two in London.

While I was waiting, Dani came online. We chatted about this and that and I saw her lovely cake (how does she get it that big?). It was good. Sadly, webcams aren't the greatest for spectacular photos, but at least you can see it was a happy occasion...

Later, once supper was done, Jurgis and I toasted to the happy couple with words to the effect of "May they have many, many years of happiness together!"

And that is our sincere wish, Kippy and Jeremy... that happiness follows the two of you wherever you go : )

Then Katey came online... then Tat... both burnt to a crisp. It seems a good time was had by all. My little heart is happy... except for the fish 'n chips 'n Spur part. That part is jealous *drools* I hear tales of lizards and towers and palaces and soldiers (kinda) and bonds of friendships forged... while distant friendships were celebrated.

Kippy and Jeremy, we may not have been with you in person, but we all held you close in our hearts and thoughts today.


  1. So happy for Kippy and Jeremy...

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL Tint!!!! Wonderful sentiments for wonderful folks :oD

    *raises glass again To Kippy and Jeremy!!!! Wedded bliss to you for years and years to come

    Uhh, tint? Did I leave the tissues with you? I, uh, have something in my eye.... *sniffles 'n' grins

  3. Dangit. There you go. Made me cry again ... bleh! I am a sobbing fool today. haha. I'll be back!

  4. Hurry back soon, my friend, but as long as you're enjoying the day, all is well : )

  5. Thanks for the thoughts and toast. I'm glad Tat and Katey had a good day.

  6. I'm glad too, Jeremy... and glad your day was good too!

  7. YAY!!! I think the whole world had a good day yesterday!!!! Love ther toast picture!! :)

  8. I'm lovin' the toast picture too! We toasted with cheesecake. I must send Katey the pictures! And I need to blog yesterday... HmmmM!
    Many happy wishes to you, Kippy & Jeremy. One day when I'm old and grey, I'll be telling people about this awesome couple I knew in Nevada, and how we celebrated their wedding day and how we became friends and... =D

  9. Dangit, Tat! I came back this morning to comment further and now here I am weepy again! Augh! Ok, have to grab a quick breakfast, then Bob and his family and a few others will be here for our short guided tour of the area. It's windy and stormy (go figure .. that's how it's been for the past week!) but we're pressing on, regardless!

  10. I love the toast pic, Tint! The idea, actually, that was really special!
    It was a worldwide celebration, no doubt! All of us celebrating our way...
    I dearly enjoyed our chat yesterday! Was just thinking of getting a group chat one of these days, eh?! Imagine...

  11. Tint, the daisy card, the toast, the first conversation with Dani ... I'm just beside myself. Just amazing! You are such amazing friends. I don't know if we could feel more honored, more loved by all of you. You seriously have touched our hearts. Amazing! Thank you so much ...


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