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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Interracial friendship

Sandy mentioned wanting to see the bird and cat together. These photos are terrible in terms of photographic non-excellence, but they show pretty much what I mean.

The whole thing started with the green beans. The birds loved green beans (Peter, the male, has long since passed on and is soaring free above the clouds or wherever your religious persuasion puts him). Specs doesn't so much love green beans - her preference leans towards fruity like watermelon - but felt it was unfair that they got green beans and she didn't.

Trouble is... stealing food is tiring....

It does, however, leave the birds with some peaceful eating time ; )

It doesn't happen anymore, as the table on which they all used to lie, Maluco included, has long since gone. When outside, the bird cage gets hung up in the sunshine. Inside, Specs isn't allowed on tables, which is where the cage sits.


  1. *laughing* No matter how often I see the pics, I still love 'em! :D

  2. I decided to finally put them in a blog of their own because every time someone asks, I can never find where I posted the pics. Now they're easy to refer to : )

  3. Oh, picture number two is the best! Just like a cat, to prioritize a nap over food stealing! These pictures are awesome!

  4. That's so cute. My cat and Doves do similar, reaches thru the cage bars but Doves don't welcome it. They have been loose and nose to nose but only with my supervision. So far Tuna cat leaves the Doves/pigeons/chickens alone even when Doves eat from the cat dish.

    So cute... wonder if cat is really after the food? or birds?

  5. She has no interest whatsoever in the birds, Bert. It's the beans... totally and a certain food rivalry.

  6. The kitty with the paw in the cage, while sleeping...that's wonderful ha ha! Thanks for giving me my smile today, Tint. :)


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