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Friday, 07 May 2010

Positive : Negative

Should I be grateful that I have a challenging job with endless variety or can I complain that I never know what my students want?

Should I be grateful that Brazilians are polite to a fault or can I complain that they're incapable of saying "No" and would rather let you down or leave you hanging?

Should I be grateful that I have a job that allows me plenty of free time and flexibility or can I complain that I never know, from one day to the next, what I'll be earning or if I'll be able to pay my dues?

Actually, this blog started out as a major rant... a really big rant... an enormous rant... but I ran out of steam. I'm still angry and feeling let down. Selfishness is something that really irks me in a big way. When you blithely go through life never thinking of the next person or how your actions affect others, that bugs me.... big! Second on my list of rants for the day is incompetence.

Anyone else got a rant to add. You can safely do it here where no one will accuse you, however temporarily, of being negative ; ) In fact, I may just add more as I think of it.


  1. That doesn't sound all that negative to me. Hang in there, now you have time to visit "blog world" today.

  2. I'm still feeling angry and let down as well. So disappointing, when there was such a clever plan afoot! *sigh* We'll make it happen. As for the rest of all that? I can't help you because more and more often these days I battle with similar thoughts myself. :) I think you need a vacation. To Nevada. In, say, oh, about 2 weeks.

  3. A vacation sounds like a really good plan, Kippy : ) To Nevada, yep.

    Maggie, the trouble is that I tend to get stuck in blogworld and nothing else gets done.

  4. Sometimes you just need to blow off some steam. I don't think you are being unreasonable, however.

  5. Oh Tint I so hear you! I think you can be grateful and complain at the same time! Not sure if I am saying that just so that it allows me to do the same, but I believe if we do not look at things with honesty and deal with how we feel and express our unhappiness then resentment builds and it spoils the good we feel about things and all that positive energy!

    We have similar issues here. I know in Tanzania the locals never said no to you. There is no No in the Swahili language come to think of it and if there is I never learnt of it! I remember discovering the word sitake which means I don't want it, but I was told never to use it because it was offensive. In desperation I use to employ it in the markets where they would harass you to death and it would send them scuttling for fear the mad mzungu (white man) would hall out a chain saw or machete or something. Here they don't say no for fear of losing their work permit or getting into trouble. They either lie, let you down, just disappear or tell you tomorrow God willing! Drives me nuts!!!! :-)

    Incompetence...... Lets not even go there!!!! My plumber comes to mind!!!!!!

    Ranting is good Tint and I am sorry you have been let down. That is never nice. Hugs xxx

  6. Life has been seriously sucky our way too lately. Ranting is becoming a family sport.

    East Londoners were like Brazilians, sad to say. I had loads of hair-pulling moments based on their casual attitude to friendship and complete inability to be relied upon. I don't miss that!

  7. Debbie, I waver between feeling and not feeling unreasonable though.

    Eileen, yes... incompetence is a simile for plumber, isn't it? ; ) I never thought you'd have the same issues in Tanzania. Go figure. I agree that hanging onto our gripes eventually spoils even the good. Besides, having my friends sympathise and agree kinda vindicates my feelings. Go me! haha! Perhaps, secretly, that's the main reason for posting a gripe : )

    Aw Michelle, I wish I could wave a magic wand and clear away those dark clouds. Sometimes it just feels as though it's a never ending thing, doesn't it? Now if East London had a coat of paint, it might have been different ; )

  8. That was a grumble. Complaining is bad but a good grumble once in a while saves your sanity. We encountered the fear of NO in Spain. When standing on the crossroads, do NOT ask:"Is this the road to Madrid?" The answer will be yes even if it goes to Santander.

  9. I gather you had some interesting travel experiences then ; )


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