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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Real Luxury

poor bathing
The photo isn't mine. I found it on a 'joke' site.

She pulled up in front of the rickety gate with her 'borrowed' supermarket shopping trolley. Bottles and containers of all sizes filled the cart. She handed them over to her husband.

As we drew closer, we saw the contents of the bottles - water.

We also saw what they call home, a tiny slip of ground with a door they have to bend low to go through. The rusty cottage panes were stuffed with crumpled newspaper to keep the weather out.

We pulled along our street market cart, filled with the week's shopping. I can't even begin to imagine having to go out with bottles to collect water for home use. As far as we could tell, she must be getting her water from the petrol station on the corner.

We got home and turned on the tap to have a long drink of cool water. It's hot out there. I took some refreshing tonic water from the fridge. We live such a privileged life!


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